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Free Online Games For Girls
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Doll Games Games

Princess Castle Make Over
Princess Castle Make Over - Decorate the Princess' castle using the items.

Fairytale Doll Decoration
Fairytale Doll Decoration - Decorate this wonderful house using the item...

Nighttime Dollhouse
Nighttime Dollhouse - Decorate this house just as you like.

Mushroom Home Decoration 2
Mushroom Home Decoration 2 - Decorate this lovely mushroom house!

Tree House Decoration
Tree House Decoration - Decorate this wonderful Fairy's tree house! Make...

Blue House Decoration
Blue House Decoration - Decorate the Teddy Bear family house.

Family Dollhouse 4
Family Dollhouse 4 - Place the furniture just as you like.

Pink Dollhouse Decoration
Pink Dollhouse Decoration - Place the furniture to decorate the house.

Home Decoration
Home Decoration - Decorate the room just as you like!

Create a House
Create a House - Build the perfect house!

Sue Candy Eater
Sue Candy Eater - Build a path so Sue can collect the candies.

Sue Summer Festival
Sue Summer Festival - Dress Sue for the summer!

Sue's Earring Maker
Sue's Earring Maker - Memorize the earrings you must make for each level...

Sue Gardening
Sue Gardening - Dig a hole, sow plants, water and watch them growing!

Sue Friends Dress Up
Sue Friends Dress Up - Dress up Sue's friend however you want.

Sue Sneaky Snack
Sue Sneaky Snack - Steal as many snacks as you can but don't get caught!

Sue Cheerleader
Sue Cheerleader - Follow the cheerleaders moves! Make Sue a star!

Sue's Fried Wantons
Sue's Fried Wantons - Can you make the Wantons quick enough?

Sue Delivery Meals
Sue Delivery Meals - Make the meals right to earn points.

Sue Dating Machine
Sue Dating Machine - Match the couples by building pipelines.

Sue Knitting Game
Sue Knitting Game - Try to copy the pattern.

Sue Videoclip Director
Sue Videoclip Director - Dress Sue as a dancer!

Sue's Theater Make Up
Sue's Theater Make Up - Sue is late for the Cinema, help her do her make...

Sue Candy Dating
Sue Candy Dating - Help the girls get dates with their sweethearts by co...

Sue Clothes Maker
This is isn't too hard to understand. When each set of clothes reaches t...

Sue Doll Maker
Sue Doll Maker - Choose the clothes and put the parts together to make s...

Bake a Cake
Bake a Cake - Mix the right ingredients to bake the perfect cake.

Sue's Santa Gift
Sue's Santa Gifts - Select a toy by walking up to it and pressing the ar...

Sue's Cooking Game
Sue's Cooking Game - In this game you have to place all ingredients in t...

Sue Chocolate Candy Maker
Sue Chocolate Candy Maker - Help Sue make lots of candies!

Sue Fashion Designer
Sue Fashion Designer - Design every aspect of Sue's outfit.

Sue Jigsaw Puzzle
Sue Jigsaw Puzzle - Can you solve the jigsaw within the time limit?

Sue Beauty Room
Sue Beauty Room - Sue has slept in for school! Help her get ready in a h...

Sue's Dog Beauty Salon
Sue's Dog Beauty Salon - Give the dogs a nice makeover by using the show...

Sue's Dating Dress Up
Sue's Dating Dress Up - Dress Sue for her first date! She wants to make ...

Sue Hair Dresser
Sue Hair Dresser - Give Sue the perfect new hairstyle!
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