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Free Online Games For Girls
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Love Games

School Flirting
Flirt with boys at school to earn points.

Charming Girls
Charm is something you're born with, but there's always room for improve...

Kiss Kiss Office
Can you get a sneaky kiss in the office while the boss isn't looking?

Red Velvet Cake For Valentine
Today Sara will be teaching you how to make delicious Red Velvet Cake fo...

Lovedup Game
Your Girlfriend is lost and you must go find her!

Love Trail Game
Colect Hearts and avoid the bad guys!

Love Quiz
Answer all the questions to see what kind of boy would be ideal for you!

Kiss Off Game
Kiss Off Game - Find a hotty to kiss avoid the loser stinky smokers!

The Flirting Game
The Flirting Game - Click on the boys to make them fall in love with you...

Love Line
Love Line - Draw horizontal lines between the columns to send the lips t...

Love Tester
Love Tester - Check your compatability with your dreamboat!

Basket of Love
Basket of Love - Kwan is showing off his slam dunk skills to impress his...

Deep Frozen Love
Deep Frozen Love - Arnold the archeologist discovers that there could st...

Angry Girlfriend
Angry Girlfriend - Hit the angry people with your love missiles, or dodg...

Beach Flirting Game
Beach Flirting Game - How many beach-bound boy slaves can this babe coll...

Oriental Flirting Game
Oriental Flirting Game - Keep clicking on the heart above the progress b...

Love Quiz
Love Quiz - What type of boy would be your dreamboat? Use this quiz to f...

School Flirting Game
School Flirting Game - Score points for flirting with the boys!

Speed Dating
Speed Dating - How good are you at speed dating? How many dates can you ...

Sue Dating Machine
Sue Dating Machine - Match the couples by building pipelines.

Classroom Flirting
Classroom Flirting - Your aim is to become the Princess of the Class and...

Mall Flirting
Mall Flirting - Try to win as many boys hearts as possible!

Cycling Kiss
The couple is joyfully riding on the street in their cycle! Make the cou...

Lovers Kiss
Select the gender and kiss your lover who will be dressed in different c...

Cast a Spell
This beautiful princess wants to make all the handsome princes in the Ki...

Wedding Troubles
Here is a very cool game for you in which you are going to work for an a...

BFF Gossip
Do you want to find out what are your friends thinking about you? Well t...

Your Love Test
Have you ever wondered if the one you like is compatible? Well, today yo...

Paul Octopus The Love Predictor
Paul, the octopus, is known in the underwater world as having paranormal...

Charming School
You are a student at a special school, the Charming School. Here, expert...

I Kissed Soulja Boy
It's not easy when you are a celebrity and especially when you are out i...

Crazy Kiss Racer
Driving as far as possible before get crashed. You can kiss your girl du...

Ski Resort Dating
It's winter time and everyone is spending amazing times at ski resorts. ...

Color My Wedding Cake
Have some fun in this coloring game in which you'll have to create the m...

Flirting Princess
Win enough hearts to become the most popular girl in town!

Be My Valentine
This teen has planed his Valentine's Day huge surprise for his sweethear...
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