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Free Online Games For Girls
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Music Games Games

Piano Bar
Piano Bar - If you can tickle the keys, you'll tickle the fancy of the b...

Virtual Keyboard
Virtual Keyboard - Try to copy the melody.

Mission to Magmanon
Mission to Magmanon - Blow up the notes before they hit your ship by pre...

Piano Pooch
Piano Pooch - Press the right buttons to repeat the little girl.

Repeat the Melody
Repeat the Melody - Listen to the melody and try to repeat it.

Music Match
Music Match - Follow the mouse's instructions to play they piano.

Do Le Mi Music
Do Le Mi Music - Use the tone ladder to make your own music.

Animal Piano
Animal Piano - Make your favourite pet play a tune!

Choir Singing and Decorating
Choir Singing and Decorating - Arrange the choir singers and decorate th...

Singing Horses
Singing Horses - The horses are going to sing for you!

Singing Easter Eggs
Singing Easter Eggs - Click the eggs to listen to them sing.

Rap Attack
Rap Attack - Rain down beats on this Hip Hop Doggy.

Drum Session
Drum Session - Either click or press the key to play these drums.

Sue Drumming Game
Sue Drumming Game - Press the right keys at the right time to hear sue p...

Virtual Drums
Virtual Drums - Play the drums!

Boogie Bones
Boogie Bones - Move the mouse over the drums to make the skeleton play.

Drummer Game
Drummer Game - Practice your drumming.

Drum Lessons
Drum Lessons - Follow Simon's moves and learn how to play the drums with...

Weezer Jam Session
Weezer Jam Session - Tap the right button.

Space Girls Band
Space Girls Band - Watch the girls perform!

Monster Band
Monster Band - Select your Monster Band and rock out!

Banja Band
Banja Band - Select the characters and listen to them play!

Rooftop Rollers Music
Rooftop Rollers Music - Click on the instruments to make those cats swing!

Poopstars - Click on the people to hear them play.

Sheep Beats
Sheep Beats - Make your own cool songs with this crazy sheep band!

BluesQuiz 2
BluesQuiz 2 - Move the mouse over the squares, guess who is on the pictu...

Guitar Playing
Guitar Playing - Practice your guitar skills.

Hoochi Coochie Man
Hoochi Coochie Man - Play a guitar solo.

Battle of Rock Gods
Battle of Rock Gods - Help the Sons of Butcher rock their way to stardom!

Virtual Guitar
Virtual Guitar - Practice your guitar skills

DJ Mixer
DJ Mixer - Get behind the decks in this fun game.

DJ Scratch Simulator
DJ Scratch Simulator - Pull off some wicked scratches!

Master Mixer
Master Mixer - Mix some music and sound effects like a pro.

Coolio DJ Rock Out
Coolio DJ Rock Out - How good are your mixing skills?

Indian Music Game
Indian Music Game - Its Djing, Indian style!

Rasta Jam Machine
Rasta Jam Machine - Click on the buttons as you make some funky Reggae m...
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