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Free Online Games For Girls
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Quick Games

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The trip south for the winter is a tough one. Fly through the dangerous ...

Water World
The aim of this game is to earn points by eating fishes that are smaller...

Star Splash
Freewheeling, frolicking flipper fun!

Jewelry Design Race
You will get a jewelry design match. If you really like to design jewelr...

Zoo Truck
The zoo is getting a new shipment of all types of animals. Drive the tru...

Extreme Makeup
Linda late for work, but no opportunity to do makeup. Along the way she ...

Uphill Rush 3
Raise the racing bar as you ride through an urban jungle! Customize your...

Ever Rising Water
Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 ...

Letter Catcher
Try to press the matching letters on your keyboard as they from the sky ...

Mary's Sprinkler
Mary is a cute little sprinkler driver. Recently her working region is s...

Trouble In Hair Saloon
Mr. Bean has been working in this Hair Saloon with an intention to try o...

Cheetah Fun
Have some fun with this cute feline, the cheetah and drop the gifts on o...

Funny Boy
This boy is in the park with his parents and on such a hot day he would ...

Reaching The Kiss
You and your boyfriend are celebrating your two years anniversary and he...

Fast Drink
Defeat your opponent by drinking for as fast as you can.

Mad about Shopping
These huge sales cannot be missed! You need to take as many items as pos...

Birds Rescue
It's a mess in the forest today and the birds are falling down the tree....

Cute is quite an amazing bunny: in addition to being Zee's best friend a...

Dinosaur Dash
Lead this baby triceratops on a leaf-hunting dash and bash through this ...

Bunny Car Chase
Here is the chase between the bunny and a car. The bunny has to be faste...

Panto Game
Press W for 'Wahey' if you see a goody pantomime character, and B for 'B...

Ready Go
A series of small challenges where you have to push, poke and charge in ...

Themepark Pinball
It's pinball pandemonium with a festive flavour!

Big Bed Boogeyman
Big Bed Boogeyman - Good or bad, you're no monster unless you can keep t...

Look Out For Your Mates
Look Out For Your Mates - Its time for a taxi home but your mates are al...

Sue's Earring Maker
Sue's Earring Maker - Memorize the earrings you must make for each level...

Catch the presents
Catch the presents - Evil sprite has stolen all the Christmas presents! ...

Santa and the Lost Gifts
Santa and the Lost Gifts - The Grinch has stolen the Santa's gifts. You ...

Dragon Journey
Dragon Journey - Avoid the obstacles and enemies! Collect lots of eggs!

Swoop To Nuts
Swoop To Nuts - Help the squirrel gather her nuts for winter!

Turbo Charged Penguins
Turbo Charged Penguins - Hit your penguin as far as you can!

Escaping Paris
Escaping Paris - Help Paris escape from prison!

Monkey Kart
Monkey Kart - Help Jimmy Bananas finish first!

Rollercoaster Rush
Rollercoaster Rush - Create the ultimate roller coaster experience!

Star Bound
Star Bound - How high can you get?

Catch the Chicks
Catch the Chicks - Get all of the chicks back into the hen house.
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