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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Adventure Games

Code Lyoko: Monster Swarm
Swarms had infiltrated the jungle and it's up to Lyoko to stop the all.

Strategy Defense 4
Prepare for the war as you build units against the computer. This is goi...

Enter the cute but bloody world of Fuzzy McFluffenstein! Jump or roll by...

Bunnerific is a cute platform skill game in which you have to collect al...

Jungle Adventure
Collect the most points while reaching the level exit. Touching robots o...

Super Mario Vetorial World
Another game of Mario with a few levels. Can you make it through each le...

Girly looking sidescroller slug squishing game.

Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous crash lands his plane over the amazon while searching for...

Gator Hop
Press and hold the Spacebar to accelerate. To jump, press and hold the U...

Shutter Escape The Darkroom
Can you escape the dark room? Careful not to pee your pants from being s...

Whoa Baby!
Something is awfully wrong in Dimmsdale. An inexplicable army of fuzzy b...

Vantage Point Instant Recall
Can you remember the face and recreate it after it's disappeared?

Show some team player skills in this logic platform game. Jump and run a...

The Adventures of Blob Bob
Move around and jump on enemies.

JibQuest 2-D
Avoid boobie traps in the game as you move forward as you learn where th...

Master Shosho
Help Master ShoSho jump and duck his way to a full stomach!

Adventures of Gyroatoms
Collect green items and score points.

Paladin - The Game
Here it is! the PALADIN game!<br>Play as Auron and experience the ...

Bleak Out Johnny
A arkanoid johnny Bravo game.

Joey's Day Out
Complete missions that individuals give you. Missions like collect and t...

Superman The Actionscript Adventure
Fly through the city helping people and defending them from Lex Luther's...

Sea of Fire 2
Build Barracks and Factories to build Troops and Tanks to demolish your ...

New Super Mario World
Not that super but a new Mario World game is what we have here! Jump and...

New Super Mario World 2
Not that super but a new Mario World game is what we have here! Jump and...

Move room to room as you shoot creatures with your bow n arrow and unloc...

Mr. Walters
Collect all carrots, get to the elevator and go to the next level.

Elliv Island
Find in 100 days the exact girlfriend and bring her to your town.

The Adventures of Kayla
Guide Kayla to escape from the evil underground world.

Virtual 3D City

New Super Mario World 3
Another Mario world that is another short few levels to beat.

Mr. Moth Ball
Move and jump while navigating through this original platform game.

Ancient Cities
Collect coins and fight against all dangerous jungle animals.

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Travel various levels to rescue your friend.

Small Dragon Adventure
Collect food and avoid all obstacles.

A platform game set in the Land of Ruben!

Beer Dude 2
Collect as much beer as possible. But beware! Office men in suits are mi...

Beer Dude
Drink all the beer you can without getting caught by your boss.

Undercover Ops
You have to infiltrate inside the guerrilla base without being detected....

Karma Tree
Play with your mouse and get amazed at random events that you will see.

Super Robot Advance
Fly your super robot through space and avoid all the objects!

Pirates of the Caribbean World
Help Captain Jack explore the ship and rescue his friends.

Journey to the East
Awesome action with chopping off heads, torsos, and upgrading your player.

Petty Theft Bicycle
Run away from the cops after you steal a bike.

Benda Bot
Help Benda Bot collect Golden screws in his dangerous adventure and you ...

Fish Flight
Click and drag the plane for distance, Pull up or down to make it tilt i...

Down to Escape
The only way to escape is to go down. Jump down the platform but be care...

Madpac Underwater
Have fun with this classic game concept! Only this time its somewhat dif...

Strategy Defense 5
The series continues on with a few changes made, but the same great stra...

Ultimate Defense
A defense game with Mages, Archers, and Ninjas instead of turrets and to...

Escape From Scientology Land - Level 2: The Land of Tom Cruise
Face the evil Cruise in the second part of the Escape From Scientology L...

Kookin Kidz
Catch little kids and drop them in the cooking pot.

Devils and Cupid
The Devils have caught the Cupid and taken it in their pit. You have to ...

GH Racer
Drive your way down the road obstacles and have fun!

Escape From Scientology Land - Level 3: The Return of L. Ron Hubbard
Here is the third – and final – part of our Escape From Sc...

Caveman Run
Run over the hills as you jump over boulders and shoot the dinos with yo...

7 Seas Estates
Buy houses as prices rise, sell as prices fall. Make money, buy bigger h...

Puk Pirat
Grapple around the few levels as you try and grab all the icons on each ...

Rust Inhaler
Dodge the strange creatures that roll onto the screen. Some enemies move...

Sky Fighters
The aim of this game is to survive as long as you can and destroy as man...

Rust Inhaler Grand Theft Artifacto
Move around and collect the orange globby things. Avoid the spiky black ...

Asterix and Obelix
Help Obelix to pick up all the coins in Galia and avoid the wild boar an...

Tomb Digger
Your aim is to collect precious treasures buried deep underneath old cem...

Magical Stars
Help the little wizard collect all the magical stars through the differe...

Jungle Escape
The hero is lost in the jungle! Help him get the keys, jump through the ...

Tubby's Big Adventure
Guide Tubby through the different regions and grab all the junk food avo...

Back to School
Move around the map and make Lil' G survive all the obstacles.

Fred's Adventure
Fred has lost the one thing that is most important to him, his bicycle. ...

Big Super Hero Wish
Be careful what you wish for! When Timmy wished his friends could become...

Around the World in 80 days
Drive the piece to the bottom of the game field by getting rid of tiles ...

Benjamin Beaver
Control Benjamin Beaver, the log retriever who is building a dam by cros...

Mystic Hunter
You are in a mysterious castle. Can you find its hidden treasures?

Super Truck Racer
Get your truck safely to the finish while collecting all the stars.
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