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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Dress Up Games

Makeover Princess
Here's another cool dress up game for those wanting to be a princess jus...

Looks Good
The lady with the umbrella is needing your help in transforming her into...

Pretty Face
She may have an angelic face but she still needs some makeover for her t...

Girl Make-over 6
She may not be so pretty at first glance but watch her transformation as...

Makeover 7
Not only does she want fun under the sun but also be fashionable in this...

Pure and Clear Beauty
She has all the good looks. Now she needs a fashion makeover to further ...

Party Dress 2
Before this girl goes partying, you may wanna dress her up first with he...

Lovely Fashion 11
This girl wants gowns as her everyday dress so dress her up beautifully ...

Cutie Dress 10
She has got a lot of enchanting clothes that you will really enjoy to dr...

Make-over 7
This girl will occupy your mind while you dress her up because of her ch...

Cutie Make-over 8
Prepare to be captured by the beauty of this lady. Dress her up glamorou...

Doll Make 2
The girl that you will be dressing up may look like a doll but her good ...

Girl Make-over 7
Transform this girl into a beautiful lady with a variety of clothes and ...

Fashion Room 1
This pretty lady is getting geared up for a fun day outside so gear her ...

This mother and daughter tandem wont be left behind when it comes to fas...

Teen Fashion
A cute and pretty teen wants your help in dressing her up in the best po...

Runway Trend
Here are the latest fashion clothes this season. Have fun choosing and d...

Cutie Dress 5
This hot and cute lady is wanting your attention in dressing her up beau...

Dance Girl
Before this girl grooves on the dance floor, she needs to dress up perfe...

Dream Makeover
This very fine and beautiful lady wants you to dress her up so have fun ...

Girl Makeover 6
This very elegant looking lady is about to go out on a date. Dress her u...

Fashion Room 2
This punk and stylish girl cant seem to decide which dress to wear for t...

Mumu Dress up
Dress the girl up in beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses and see her new ...

Fantastic Sporty
Dressing up a sporty girl has never been this fun with a lot of clothes ...

Jenny Dress Up
Help Jenny change her look - choose new hair, clothes, make up and jewelry.

Teenage Dress up
Help this cute teenage girl choose the most feminine style!

Wonder Dress up
Help the girl dress in these awesome clothes!

Alice Hair Dresser
Choose the picture to follow and change Alice's hairstyle!

Color Of Choice
This girl is going to the party so dress her up so she could impress her...

Girl Make-over 4
A pretty lady with a beautiful face deserves a total makeover courtesy o...

Party Dress-up
A beautiful collection of elegant gowns are about to amaze you in this c...

Dress Store Show Up
Before she could even show up at the store, you may wanna dress her up f...

For Birthday Party
You are about to dress her up at the party in as simple as clicking and ...

Make-up Box
This little lady wants to look pretty so take charge in grooming her up ...

Lovely Fashion 12
A really nice and pretty lady deserves a total makeover so dress her up ...

Cafe Dress up
Dress this girl for a meeting in the cafe!

Sue's Dog Beauty Salon
Look at the picture and give every dog a proper makeover by using the sh...

Cheeky Honey-Boo Dress up
Cheeky Honey-Boo loves to dress up in the dinkiest little outfits - only...

Beach Dress up
Help this girl get a holiday look!

Horseland Dress up
Choose from hats, saddles and more to dress the horse anyway you want!

Madison Rabbit: Wedding Dress up
Click on the different parts of the Madison's silhouette and choose the ...

Zodiac Girls Dress up
Choose your Zodiac Girl and decide which clothing item needs to be changed.

Mermaid Dress up
This cute mermaid needs a new bikini and perhaps a tail. Can you help her?

Office Look Dress up
Choose a new hairstyle, clothes and accessories for this lovely office g...

Sue Friend's Dress up
Dress up Sue's friend just as you like!

Bratz Kidz Getting Ready
Look at the picture and find all the pieces of clothes the girl is wearing!

Cruise Dress up
Help the girl choose the best clothes for a cruise.

Moon Dress up
Choose a costume and change yourself into Cinderella, a cow,a witch or a...

Zoo Decor Game
A dress up game that can make you decorate your own zoo.

Gala Girl Make up
Choose the best hairstyle, clothes and make up for this pretty girl.

Anthro Girls Dress up
Check what outfit suits the girls best!

Bratz Fashion Designer
Show your skills and design an outfit for Bratz!

Dress up Doll 5
Choose the best holiday clothes for this cute little doll!

Costume Dress up
Choose the best costume for her - little girls just love disguising!

Make over Studio
Cut, dye and model the girl's hair until she looks like the model shown ...

Barbie Shion Fever
Choose a fashion to design, click on your favorite style and fabric and ...

Too Cool Fashion Makeover
Give this red-haired girl a fabulous makeover!

Avril Lavigne Dress up
Dress up Avril just as you like.

Hilary Duff Dress up 2
Choose the best outfits for Hilary Duff.

Justin Timberlake Dress up
Dress up Justin in the coolest outfit of all.

Jennifer Lopez Dress up 2
Help J.Lo choose the most suitable dress.

Victoria Beckham Dress up
Choose the best clothes for Posh Spice herself.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Dress up
Choose a suitable party dress for Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Angelina Jolie Dress up
Help Angelina choose clothes for casual wear or for a party.

Anna Kournikova Dress
Do you wanna be the stylist of this famous tennis player?

Water Fairy Dress up
Dress up this red-haired water fairy just as you like!

Air Fairy Dress up
Dress up this air fairy in the most magical outfit!

Sue Summer Festival
Help Sue prepare for the summer festival!

Chica Fashion
Dress up this fashionable lady to her best style.

Halloween Fashion
Help this girl pick her right style for the halloween.

Bratz Make-up
Choose your Bratz doll and give her a nice hairdo and make up.

Angel Fashion
Dress up this lovely angel to her best style.
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