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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Girl Games

Sweet Fashion Student
Pretty girls like her needs a beauty makeover and retouch, can you help ...

Matilda Mecini Miss Albania 2008
Matilda wants to win so badly in the evening gown competition. So help h...

Trish is a day-dreamer and loves to be creative when she gets dressed. T...

Football Cheerleader
Dress up this funky cheerleader with a nice cheer leader outfit!

Perfect Color Blending
Do you think that it's not easy to mix colors to match your clothes with...

Crystal Stewart Miss USA 2008
She may be accidentally trip on the floor but she is still hot.

Aneu is a cute baby. Today you help her mother dress her and you have to...

Beauty Resort
Work your way up from a small spa to a luxury mountain resort in this mu...

Back From Shopping
She took advantage of her vacation to shop for nice dress and fashion ac...

Peppy's Julia Louis Dreyfus Dress Up
Help our award winning actress get ready for the red carpet.

Wei Ziya Miss China 2007
Help get dress up and represent her country proud.

Colors of Life
Dress up this girl with colorful dress outfit collections.

Stylish Dot Dresses
Have you ever tried Polka Dot Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfo...

Peppy's Ali larter Dress Up
Help our Heroes beauty to save the day by dressing her up.

Rebecca Parchment Miss Cayman 2007 Dress Up
Dress her to victory.

Young and Cute Outfit
Do you want to make yourselves young and cute with a new outfit style? Y...

Peppy's Gong Li Dress Up
Help our Chinese hottie get ready for her international movie debut.

Maria Teresa Rodriguez Miss Costa Rica 2008
Miss Costa Rica needs a fashion consultant. Are you up for the challenge.

The Florist Game
Collect all good flowers and avoid the bad flowers.

Helen Bikini Dressup Game
The girl on the beach needs you help, choose any colorful bikini pair th...

Nerd Makeover
Fashion police needed! Turn the nerd into a cool dude and try to score m...

WinX Heart Dressup
Dress up this Winx club girl the way you want and make her absolutely ad...

Big Beach Sports
Get the right angle and power to get the frisbee to fly as far as possib...

Dress Layla, the bravest Winx, how you like.

Peppy's Mandy Moore Dress Up
Help our beautiful Mandy have a perfect day with some perfect clothes.

Dress Up A Slender Girl
This girl is really proud of her slender figure. Do you often take exerc...

Embrioni In Fuga
Get all the blobs to travel to the right spots and prevent them from dying.

Camila is special. She's always been romantic and dresses in the same way.

Peppy's Angelina Jolie Dress Up 2
Help Angie get all dress up for her movie premiere.

Colorea Hannah
Do you like to paint? Color Hannah Montana and her friends from TV.

Dream Park Dressup
A lovely lady needs makeover. Can you pick the right dress for her?

Cute Wendy Dressup
Wendy is going to walk at Central Park and needs your help for choosing...

Travel In Style
She is a fashionable girl who loves to travel and collect beauty accesso...

Stink Loader
This game's main idea is quite similar to Boys vs. Girls. You choose boy...

Peppy's Sandra Bullock Dress Up
Get our Ms. Congeniality the dress she deserves.

Claudia is prepared for whatever the weather is. If it's sunny she's in ...

Butterfly Barbie
You have 60 seconds to trap all the flying fairies. You need good reflexes.

Peppy's Sagittarius Girl
She's bright and lovely. Help her pick the right dress.

Valerie Begue Miss France 2008
Help this French beauty find the perfect dress.

Peppy's Paula Abdul Dress Up
Dress her up and dance like no tomorrow.

Super Hyberdoze
Keep the enemies from falling or touching the girl dreaming about them.

Umbrella Game
Fly with your umbrella during 90 seconds. Try to change your clothes to ...

Tandy Sailor Girl Dressup Game
A nice collection of dress is waiting for our cute lady sailor. Can you ...

Declared War
Declare the war to one friend or your computer. You can choose several o...

Rainbow Collect
Strategize to earn the most points in this fruit-collection task.

Peppy's Alicia Keys Dress Up
No one can beat her when it come to singing but she needs help when it c...

Tracey Nicolaas Miss Aruba 2007
Miss Aruba is in a mission to win the Miss Universe but she needs a fash...

The Nurse
Version of Space Invaders. Eliminate the virus of the infantile zones wi...

Happy Makeup
Make our cute lady happy by deciding what dress and accessories to wear.

Barbara Tatara Miss Poland 2008
Ms. Poland needs some good fashion advice from you.

Peppy's Erika Eleniak Dress Up
Get our Playmate get ready for her cover.

Star Headache
Create a strategy for this angel to get all of the stars in their places.

Brenda Skirt Girl Dressup
Brenda loves wearing colorful mini-skirt dresses. Can you pick a stylish...

Windy Sea Dressup
Having a holiday at the beach in the summer is always a wonderful idea. ...

2008 Top Colors
This collection will show you the trend for 2008 colors. Do you think Ye...

Rebeca Moreno Miss El Salvador 2008
Work for her a stylist and pick the right dress.

Peppy's Ali Landry Dress Up
Get our Doritos Girl get ready for the Emmy' s.

Casual Girl Dressup
Pick some nice casual clothes for the girl and dress her up for another ...

Celeste Beach Dressup
Celeste is going to enjoy a sunny summer day at the beach. Help her pick...

Pet Lady Dressup
Dress up the pet lady so she can take good care for her dogs.

Dayana Mendoza Miss Venezuela 2008
Dress her loud and proud for she is the Miss Universe 2008.

Peppy's Ellen Pompeo Dress Up
Get our Grey' s Anatomy star into star mode by dressing her beautifully.

Star Pursuit
Collect as many stars as you can and shoot all enemies.

Choose your favorite character and enjoy this fantastic platforms game. ...

Peppy's Alicia Silverstone Dress Up
She's hot and lovely woman but she's clueless in fashion.

Alizee Poulicek Miss Belgium 2008
Ms Belgium is a sweet lady just like there chocolate.

Bratz Objects
The Bratz kids also know how to work in a team. They all have to move th...

Move and jump and try to reach the other side, avoiding the lava and the...

Shy Girl Dressup
This cute girl is shy, help boost her confidence by choosing a nice dres...

Pregnancy Fashion
Even pregnant women can wear cool and fashionable dresses. Can you help ...

Peppy's Keira Knightley Dress Up
Get our gorgeous lady ready for the red carpet.

Midori loves expensive clothes. That's why she fights with her parents, ...
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