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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Mouse Skill Games

The Ant Bully
Use your Silk Shooter to precisely fill in the holes and save the ant co...

Happy Tree Friends - Dynamit
Bounce the bundle of dynamite as many times as possible as you test your...

Mickey and Friends Super Racer
A car game with Mickey and Friends. Collect the lightning volts to charg...

Donald Ball
Perform some sick soccer ball trick.

Commuter Cupid
Hi! I'm cupid! It's Valentines Day, and I'm hanging out down at the trai...

Sonic Rush Adventure Flash
Click the tips button at the bottom right when the game has started for ...

Top That
Welcome to Mech-Droids fast food simulator. Here you will be trained to ...

Tacky Toads
Your goal is simple. Get the frog to reach the flag. Press the Frog, Pul...

TNT - Total Noobie Training
Jostlin' Jocelyn needs your help. She's training a bunch of noobs to com...

Quick Burger
Serve up burgers to people and earn money.

Demolish all office buildings by swinging your demolition ball at it!

Defend Your Dirt
Defend your dirt by attacking all the incoming enemies. Don't try extrem...

Fast Cooker
Collect enough ingredients for your dish.

Friend's Chase
Go to guys wearing the same dress color and avoid others.

Death Junior II: The Root of Evil
The TP will bounce around and destroy monsters. Score by killing enemies...

Top Secret Kid's: Interface Escape
Top secret kid needs your help to escape from interface' s trap.

Happy Tree Friends - Lumpy Artist
Help Lumpy Perform a death defying move.

Family Restaurant
Create your own delicious dishes in the kitchen and make sure your guest...

Battle Pool - Online
Battle it out in this fast paced online multiplayer game of Pool!<br&...

Youda Conqueror

ZZ Top's Beard Brawl
Protect ZZTop's world famous beards from the dangerous onslaught of ciga...

I Love Toys
VH1 finally delivers a way for you to play with your favorite toys witho...

Handle Drinks
How long can you handle alcoholic drinks.

Mr and Mrs Smith
The Smith's house is under attack and it will a killing spree. <br>...

PMG Racing
Drive your car as long as you can and avoid water drips, tree trunk, and...

Ragdoll Master
Evade this piercing rockets as long as you ca to survive.

Presidential Paintball
Hillary, Obama, Giuliani & more play paintball for the USA Presidency!&l...

Mission Memory
Watch where the creatures pop out of and click the tree stumps in the sa...

Moral Combat: Slap Fight
Oooooh, so many naughty people! Teach them some manners - with a nice ha...

Under Cover
Take photos of starlets most revealing moments! Nice work if you can get...

Soda Pop Girls: Bubble Batch Bottle Catch
Help prepare her yummy sodas.

Skittles: Smoothie Shop
Give your customer the smoothie combo they desire.

Mr. Walters
Collect all carrots, get to the elevator and go to the next level.

Drunken Master
You're a bartender. Choose your character and start pouring drinks if yo...

You are an Archer and it,s your job to kill this pesky bats

Strawberry Shortcake: How A Garden Grows
Help Strawberry collect berries from he garden.

Help save the cats falling from the sky.

Mahjong Burger
Prepare all the orders from the conveyor belt in time by finding 2 tiles...

Blazing Scissors
Play as the scissors - a close up view of scary scalps and hairy warts! ...

Disc Battle
A small girl table hockey flash game. The objective is to slide the puck...

Bunnies and Eggs
Help the easter bunnies get across to get their eggs.

Maternal Hospital
Help take care of these lovely babies.

Fish Flight
Click and drag the plane for distance, Pull up or down to make it tilt i...

Sheert Wilders
Catch a shaver and a hair dye as many as you before you turn into a drif...

Mighty Spidy
Use your web to swing through the big human world and eat all the flies.

Pappaz Pizza
Try to keep your restaurant going for as long as possible- and don't mis...

Sniper:Demonic Osbournes
The Osbournes have gone demonic. So pick up your gun and shoot them down.

Drunken Sam
Help Drunken Sam to reach home in time before his furious wife will leav...

Rust Inhaler Grand Theft Artifacto
Move around and collect the orange globby things. Avoid the spiky black ...

Big Super Hero Wish
Be careful what you wish for! When Timmy wished his friends could become...

The rules are simple, flick as many nuts in the goal as possible. Extra ...

Fashion Run
Help Lucy run her fashion boutique and travel around the World!

Bbori Jewelry
Collect as many Jewelry as you can. Work hand to hand with your cat to g...

Swap Job
Swap adjacent faces to align sets of 3 or more. A winning set is 3 or mo...

Biolabs Outbreak
Stop the virus from spreading by using the antidote.

Pokemon: Towering Legends
Move your mouse to stock crystals of the same color into a tower. Click ...

Leapin Ladybugs
Chase down bugs with Dolly and her bubbles, but don't get popped. When y...

Choron Ka Raja
Help Raja steal valuable items and aviod activating any alarms.

Workin' the Gift Shift
When you're an Elf, sorting gifts for the Holidays is no game (Good thin...

Screamin' Upstreamin'
Race your fish upstream to meet his hot date! In this game, it's hit or ...

Ice Skating
Skate and catch all the gifts from the fans.

Basketballer Girl
Girls can shoot the hoop better.

Flower Mini Golf
Become a master of mini golf in this simple, yet addicting game!

Trick Hoops Challenge
Try to make hard basketball shots as you play against the computer tryin...

Internet Walkabout
You work in a warehouse and you have to help the customers find what it ...

71 Degrees North
A Mountain climbing game. You need to climb up the mountain while dodgin...

Super Maus
Ms. M has been kidnapped by evil forces in Mouse City, Your objective is...

Hair Shop
Cut, dye, curl and dry hair of your customer.

H bounce
How many soccer balls can you keep in the air?

Ocean Survivor
Your a Bluefin Tuna and avoid getting caught by fishing vessels as long ...

Simply Smashing
Convinced she's the only work of art at Foster's, Duchess is throwing a ...

Tobby Rescue
Rescue your jelly from the evil dog.
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