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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Kids Games

The Cat in the Hat - Don't Jump on the Couch
Collect goodies while you're jumping to earn more points. Goodies give y...

Dress this cute little girl up.

Winx Stella
Dress Stella up

Winx Musa
Dress Musa up for the night out.

Winx Flora
Flora's going out and you got to dress her up.

Give Trees a Chance
Jump over the rabbits as you run around the planet grabbing and planting...

A Big Change
Michelle needs a make-over. She's a millionaire and has hired you to giv...

Do you like getting manicures? In this fun game you can choose colors an...

Chibi 2
Help this cute little get dress up.

The Race
As you run you'll encounter every type of imaginable obstacle. Use the a...

Ming's Dress Room
Come on in Ming's dress room to show your ability to appreciate the arts...

Jimena is a flamenco dancer from Spain. Tonight she has a show. Help her...

Cute Princess
Help our majesty get dress for her coronation.

Zom-B Gone
The Power Puff Girls have a new mission. Use the mouse to move our heroi...

Celia is very tall and thin and because of this she has a hard time find...

My New Room
Sitting on the same furniture, looking at the same decorations each and ...

Shoe Shop Shimmy
Sharpay is buying shoes like a crazy person! Help Ryan collect the purch...

Zac Efron Dress Up
Help Zac get ready for the red carpet.

Ashley Tisdale Make Up
Help her get ready before she goes show time.

How far can you go without getting into an accident.

Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up
Get her ready for her midnight escapade.

Bubble Bugs
Blow a bubble around a bug. The more bugs you capture in a bubble the mo...

Dora's Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt
Grab all the treasure on each map and unlock the doors to proceed to a n...

Magivolve's Dress
Dress up the boy or girl base model in all sorts of clothes. Bunch of op...

Coffee Shop
Run your own Coffee Shop! You have a limited # of days, so make sure to ...

Toy Story
The moving van is leaving Buzz and Woody behind and only you can help! S...

Make Me Pretty
Choose the best dress, accessories and make up so that this girl has a w...

A Good Day
Help her get a good day.

Good Morning
Help him get ready to work by clicking on items inside the room.

Puppy Red Swing
Swing, jump, and catch this cute red puppy.

Ultimate Spring Break
Enjoy your very own spring break.

Pizza Making
Make delicious Italian pizzas.

Sue The Hairdresser
Help Sue style her Boyfriend.

Can you beat all the levels and win the prize or be like a bull in a Chi...

Make this girl look good so she can go in her Cabriolet, a convertible car.

Help Kiki get ready for today.

Kalli Goes Shopping
Help Kalli get high fashioned designer clothes and bags.

Help her get prep up for Lovelle fashion spread.

Go Recycle
Save the world, Go recycle.

Sue Sushi
First place the rice, then the wasabi and at last the nori to make a lit...

MahJong Empire
Can you match the symbols together in this Mahjong game with multiple bo...

The Apartment
This couple just got married. They're so happy and the first thing they'...

Superstar Breakout
Despite the game being called Breakout, it's not like breakout at all an...

Favorite Flirty Dresses
Indulge in the sweeter side of season this year with a ruffled dress. An...

Forklift Kid
Think fast, act fast! That’s the only way to get to the exit!

Take as much bite as you can with 5 seconds.

Paint The Couple
Are you an artist? Do you like to paint? Now you can try out your skills...

Painting Lovely Girl
Choose paint and make this picture as nice as you possibly can.

Chocolate House
Create you very own chocolate house.

Pick the right mold for the cookies

A scuba diving game with beautiful 3D graphics.

Daycare Nightmare
You have to care for baby vampires, dragons and other monsters while the...

Sonia's Salon
Remember the hair style and then do the customer's hair in the same way....

Choose the wedding dress you like the most. All of them are very elegant.

This girl lives in Florida. She loves to dress in a sporty style which i...

Mean Girls: Carb Invader
Avoid eating to much carb and just try calories.

Dress Up Your Friend
Your friend have a date today and you better help her get ready.

Chinese Lemon Chicken
Help Abuela cook her delicious dish.

Dress Up Kim Possible
Help Kim get ready for her next mission.

You're a cook at a restaurant and you have to cook all the meals then gi...

Larissa is a girl with her own style. She likes to always be the most el...

Sushi Oishi
You work in a sushi-bar and you have to make sushi for your customers. T...

What Lily likes the most is to experiment with sandals, which is her pre...

Lovele 2
Help the new cover girl of Lovele get ready

Cassandra has been invite to a party. Help her pick out what to wear (a ...

Juana needs to decide what she's going to wear this afternoon. She's goi...

Bravo Tong
Move around the maze and avoid getting into traps.

Sue Hairdresser 2
Sue has a new client to cut.

Help Zim get ready in conquering the world.

Way to School Coloring Book
Color and paint as much as you want.

Office Curling
Play around the office and have some fun.

Extreme Hairdresser
Hairdress people in rapid succession.
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