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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Kids Games

Mucha Lucha
Richochet and Rey is missing and it's your job to find them.

Prince Proposal Dressup
A beautiful view, romantic scene, Prince wants to proposes to her? Be cr...

Toon Hoops

Miley Naughty Pics
Take pictures of Miley as quick, but as good as possible. Get good shots...

African Wedding
Dress this amazing couple up.

She's the youngest in the house and she likes to play with her mother's ...

Dress Up Alicia Keys
Help get ready to perform in her concert by picking right clothes and ha...

Dress Up Rihanna
Help her get glamor up to red carpet.

Victorian Girl
Get all prep up to grand ball tonight.

Basketball Show
Show them them you can jump.

Custom Hunter Killer
Design your very own hover ship.

3-Point Shootout Challenge

Miranda Manicure
You can pain these nails in the colors that you want. After painting the...

This girl has been a show-off since she was little. She'll never go out ...

Annabell's favorite animal is the zebra. She also loves photos of zebras...

Ramona has a young and adventurous spirit. She loves to play sports and ...

Drum Lessons
Learn how to play the drum by doing what the drum instructor is doing.

Serve Or Die
Serve the customers the right food or the chef will cook you alive.

Today you've decided to make an omelete!First you must break and beat th...

Clara is SO pretty. She always likes to leave the house made up. Make he...

Lolaila is a Spanish girl who likes Flamenco music. She's going out with...

Inés is very vain. She always goes to school well dressed. Today you ha...

DJ Darby
She's a DJ in the city. She always needs to look good for this job. Choo...

Drager Safety:Firefighter
Stop the fire and save the houses before it' s too late.

Jump Rope for Heart
Put your heart into it and JUMP! Try and jump rope as long as you can wi...

Perfect Plate
Prepare meals with a control number of calories fro healthy lifestyle.

Snipe the targets before time runs out. Are you quick enough?

Swan Lake
This girl will dance in Swan Lake. She's been practicing for years and w...

Queen of Make Up
Get ready for the Queen of Make Up.

Do you like bunches of flowers? Now you can make a pretty bouquet. Show ...

Paint The Princess
Choose the Little Mermaid or Jasmine. Paint them as you would like!

Prom Dresses
Help her get the perfect dress for prom date.

Sailor Saturn
Help Sailor Saturn transform into her battle mode.

Show the world how strong you really are and what you are made off.

Honey Bees
Go make tons of honey to earn money.

Spin Doctor
Fly and evade the spinning disc.

Peppy's Victoria Beckham Dress Up
Help Posh get all dress up for her husbands big game.

Peppy's Eva Longoria Dress Up
Eva's desperate to watch her hubby Tony's game. So her her get the perfe...

Peppy's Sophia Bush Dress Up
Help our lovely Sophia to her ready for movie premiere.

Sue Clothes Maker
This is a fun games. Just press the right key!

Peppy's Tyra Banks Dress Up
Get Tyra for her walk to the runway and let her fierceness take in.

Peppy's Scarlett Johansson Dress Up
Get these luscious beauty get prep up at the red carpet.

Peppy's Reese Witherspoon Dress Up
Get these legally blond bomdshell ready for the movie premiere.

Peppy's Miley Cyrus Dress Up
Miley needs the perfect dress for her concert.

Peppy's Kelly Clarkson Dress Up
Dress Kelly and see her rock the house.

Peppy's Kylie Minogue Dress Up
Watch Kylie rock the hose down with her gorgeous clothes.

Peppy's Jessica Alba Dress Up
Let the hot and &&!y Jessica Alba blow you away with dashing clothes.

Kids Dress Up
So what if she's just a kid? She needs a cool fashion adviser as well. T...

Peppy's Julia Stiles Dress Up
Let Julia save the last dance for us with lovely designer clothes.

Peppy's Avril Lavigne Dress Up
Let her rock your world.

Peppy's Carmen Electra Dress Up
Let her hotness melt you down with some *@?y clothes.

Punch Britney
Go the smack these naughty slut down.

Ratatouille Dinner is Served
Take care of the customers that need food. Click their food and serve th...

Peppy's Marilyn Monroe Dress Up
Show our original England' s rose how to dress in the new generation.

Peppy's Paris Hilton Dress Up
Let Pris how it is done in fashion industry.

Peppy's Rebecca Taylor Dress Up
Let Rebecca and her hot bod show you whats going down in the runway.

Peppy's Britney Spears Dress Up
get her prep up before the court hearing begins.

Peppy's Jennifer Lopez Dress Up
J.Lo is waiting for tonight to party and it's your job to dress her up.

Peppy's Paris Hilton Dress Up 2
Help Paris get ready again and dress her up.

Burger Bar
Serve your customer food fast and delicious.

Sue's Sandwich Shop
Help make some delicious sandwiches.

Baby and Mother Dress Up
My baby may help her mother decide what fashion is the best. Let's try i...

Lovele 3
Help our new you cover girl to her fashion spread.

Peppy's Fergie Dress Up
Help her get dress up and groove with her humps.

Peppy's Abigail Clancy Dress Up
Help these hot and sultry beauty to the catwalk.

Peppy's Beyonce Knowles Dress Up
Help Beyonce shine like no other by helping get the right clothes.

Peppy's Cameron Diaz Dress Up
Cameron D is on a mission with some other angels. Help get dress up for ...

Kiss Off
Find the hotty to kiss by avoiding all the disgusting, annying smokers. ...

Peppy's Harry Potter Dress Up
Daniel is going to his premiere night help him get dress up for the ladies.

Peppy's Hilary Duff Dress Up
Hilary has new movie, help her get dress up for her new film.

Peppy's Jessica Dress Up
Get this Disney Bombshell all dress up for the show.

Beavis and Butt-Head: Bug Justice
The bugs are coming! And they want your damn candy, dumb-ass. Make them ...
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