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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Your Favorited Games


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Shopkins Coloring Book
{"description":"Color in your favourite Shopkins characters and let your imagination run wild! Color the shopkins any color you want, there are no rules!! Shopkins are so happy that you are here to play with them! ","stars":76.288659793814418}

Oddbods Ice Cream Fight
{"description":"The Oddbods are out playing in the hills on a super hot sunny day. Watch out for the ice creams flying through the sky towards you. Hit the Oddbods with the ice cream before they land a hit on you. Don't forget to reload or you wil be an easy target!","stars":76.271186440677965}

Animal Kingdom Match 3
{"description":"Achieve the highest possible score in this awesome Match 3 game! Connect rows of matching animals and watch your high score climb up. Challenge your friends to see if they can match or beat your score. Watch the timer though, if the time expires you will have to start all over again! ","stars":60}

Underwater Oddessy of The Little Mermaid
{"description":"The Little Mermaid has lost all of her favourite thingamabobs in the ocean! Can you help her find them again? Check the list to see what Ariel wants and find them in the ocean. Look out for Ursula lurking about though!","stars":81.578947368421055}

Super Doll Makeup Transform
{"description":"Provide your doll friend with a fun face painting experience. Paint her face in the style of different cool superheroes! She is in desperate need of pampering so treat her to a spa experience first. Use face masks and tweezers to create a smooth beautiful surface to paint upon! Which superhero will your doll be?","stars":83.695652173913032}

Family Barn
{"description":"Experience the ideal farming life in your Family Barn. Pet your favourite barn animals and harvest huge fields of crops. Sell them at the local farmers market and earn enough money to expand your business!","stars":80.769230769230774}

Kitty Coloring Book
{"description":"Create fun pictures with Tom and Angela! Color in the scene any way you want, add effects and even glitter to your masterpiece. Your favourite characters are so excited to see what you make! ","stars":81.111111111111114}

Happy Slushie
{"description":"Happy Slushie loves to be useful but has ended up in unusual places where it can't be filled by the slush machine! Use your magic pen to draw a route for the slush to meet the glass and create a delicious drink! Make your line as effective as possible to get the most liquid in the glass or the Happy Slush won't be happy anymore. Enjoy over 30 levels of puzzling fun!","stars":79.32692307692308}

Farm Days
{"description":"Live your best farm life in Farm Days! Explore the farm land with your friend Mary. Restore old farm buildings, harvest crops and raise farm animals. There is always something to do at your farm. Be guided by the quests or create your own adventure! ","stars":78.787878787878782}

Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance
{"description":"A fun morning playtime with Mother in the bath brings lots of fun gifts for Baby Hazel. She discovers 3 ballerina toys in her bath. She is having so much fun playing with them that she almost misses her Ballet Class! Help Mom get Baby Hazel ready! ","stars":74.782608695652172}

Flower Saga
{"description":"Relax and enjoy this stimulating puzzle game. Your objective is to remove all of the flowers from the level but you only have a limited number of sun. Watch in delight as the sparks fly and cause a chain reaction!","stars":100}

My Kitchen Adventures
{"description":"Manage your own restaurant! Start off small in your food truck and evolve into a 5 star restaurant! Become a world renowned chef by serving 1 customer at a time!","stars":82.142857142857153}

Baby Hazel Flower Girl
{"description":"Baby Hazel is going to be a flower girl! One happy day playing in the garden, Baby Hazel's mother received a letter. It was Baby Hazel's aunt Lisa requesting that Baby Hazel is her flower girl. Baby Hazel is so excited! Help her get ready, choose the right dress accessories and shoes for the occasion! ","stars":77.38095238095238}

Colorful Mix Drink
{"description":"Your customers are waiting! Mix the requested color for your thirsty customers. Learn your primary colors in this fun game! What colors can you make out of blue, red or yellow? ","stars":89.473684210526329}

Baby Hazel Kitchen Time
{"description":"Its a fun day in the kitchen with Baby Hazel! Go shopping together and buy some essential ingredients and utensils. Once you have found all the items on baby hazels list, its time to go home and cook! Make a healthy vegetable soup to enjoy together!","stars":84.210526315789465}

Charm Farm
{"description":"Welcome to the magic forest! Help restore the forest to its former glory, bring the wildlife, plants and friendly spirits back to your Charm Farm. There are all sorts of creatures to discover around you. Invite your friends and play together! ","stars":85.714285714285722}

Baby Hazel New Born Baby
{"description":"Baby Hazel is going to be a big sister! Her mother is having a baby boy and Hazel is super excited! Wait patiently for your new baby brother to arrive, invite your friends to come and visit him. Help Hazel look after her brother and help out her mother. ","stars":91.176470588235304}

Party Cat
{"description":"You are the cool cat of the party. Move your way around the floor in one swipe to clear the puzzle. Simple controls and addictive game play will keep you entertained for hours!","stars":77.551020408163268}

Pregnant Princess Laundry Day
{"description":"Princess Anna is very heavily pregnant and is happily doing her chores around the house. Help the Princess sort through her clothes, separate the whites and colors, put them in the washing machine and then they are all clean! Put the clothes out to dry, once they are dry its time to iron and fold the clothes. The Princess is so happy that you are helping her!","stars":83.050847457627114}

Monkey Jumper
{"description":"How high can you climb? Collect bananas as you climb up through the trees! This baby monkey loves to eat bananas but needs your help to collect them. Watch carefully as he spins around the branches. Only move him on when hes facing the bananas or he will fly through the sky!","stars":70}

Dinosaurs Coloring Book
{"description":"Dinosaurs are a historic, important species to learn about and your kids can learn right here! Choose your picture and colour the dinosaur any way you want!","stars":78.571428571428569}

Elf Defence
{"description":"Merge together little monsters to level them up and defend your kingdom from evil little daemons. Open chests to receive cards which could level up your monsters! Will you get a special card and unlock high level monsters or gems!","stars":92.857142857142861}

Ice Queen Ruined Wedding
{"description":"A great evil rushed through Queen Elsa's wedding setup right before the ceremony! The Queen is very upset and needs her friend to help her fix everything back the way it was before all the guests arrive! Would you help her clean up and get ready?","stars":84.426229508196727}

Amazing Princess Coloring Book
{"description":"Kids will have a blast coloring their favourite princesses. Will you paint the princesses in their traditional, famous styles or will you create a brand new look for the princesses? Bright blue hair or purple skin? The decision is yours to make! Color in Elsa, Ariel, Rapunzel, Jasmine or Belle exactly the way you want them! ","stars":91.83673469387756}

Princess Sunflower Delight
{"description":"Three princesses are having a lovely summer day looking at flowers. They have been inspired by the bright Sunflower. Help the princesses choose pretty sunflower themed outfits, complete with accessories! ","stars":80.645161290322577}

BTS Cat Coloring
{"description":"BTS Cat Coloring is a perfect game for young children learning to express themselves. Cute cats and bright colors will keep your child engaged as they begin to discover their own creativity. Color in these cute cats whichever way you want too! ","stars":78.94736842105263}

Birds Coloring
{"description":"These happy birds have lost all of their color! Let your imagination run wild as you can pick the perfect colors for them. Stay true to their original colours or create a whole new look for them! It is your decision how to colour these friendly animals.","stars":100}

Princess Make Cup Cake
{"description":"The princess is in the mood for baking! Go shopping and pick up all the ingredients required to make delicious cupcakes. Be part of the preparation process, slice up and mix together the ingredients with the princess. Once your cupcake is finished, its time to decorate!","stars":88.732394366197184}

Animal Daycare Games
{"description":"These animals are in need of a caretaker while their owners are away. Feed them, bathe them or clear their teeth! Play with the cute animals and there are so many of them to encounter! Bunnies, Monkeys and Pets are all here and love to play! ","stars":79.518072289156635}

Draw Line
{"description":"What will you create in Draw Line? This unique puzzle game tests your ability to identify how long the outline of the object is supposed to be. Hold to start drawing the line and release when you think the line is perfect! These puzzles are harder than they may seem, the line will snap into shape once released, not enough line or too much line and you need to try again! ","stars":82.644628099173559}

Animal Rescue
{"description":"Your animals need your help! They have been captured and are being held in cages! The only way for them to escape is with the help of the other animals. Make sure that all your animals can cross the road safely or its game over. When your animals arrive safely in the farm, you will get stars! Use them to expand your farm and help more animals! Unlock adorable turtles, foxes and many more! ","stars":60}

Lolirockstars Maker
{"description":"Create a cool rock band! Give each member their own unique identity and style! These idols will be loved by millions for being themselves. Choose their locale and give them adorable hair accessories!","stars":87.179487179487182}

Sleepy Princess Colouring Book
{"description":"Color in your favourite scenes from the classic Sleeping Beauty film. Color Aurora, the prince and her woodland friends! The colors can be whatever you choose! Give her rainbow hair or a bright green dress! It is up to you how your picture looks!","stars":90.697674418604663}

Angry Gran
{"description":"Team up with angry gran and take to the streets! Knock down the punks who challenge you and smash up phone boxes! Watch out for the policeman though, if you hit him you can't swing at the punks! Buy upgrades and new weapons, bash enough money out of the punks to pass the checkpoints! How far can you go? ","stars":76.923076923076934}

BFF Princess Perfect Bedroom Decor
{"description":"Princesses Anna, Moana, Elsa and Rapunzel want to redecorate their rooms! Choose the wallpaper, furniture and create a gorgeous space for them to relax in! Dress up in amazing outfits to take pictures and have a fun time!","stars":88.333333333333343}
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