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Free Online Games For Girls
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Hiking in Style
{"description":"Elsa and Ladybug share interest in a common leisure activity, Hiking! They love to spend time exploring and discovering new trails. They are looking for a comfy but fashionable look for their next hike up a mountain. Can you help them choose?","stars":0}

Puppy Blast
{"description":"Enjoy a fun matching game with cute adorable animal characters! Connect as many of the same coloured blocks as possible to create chains and gain fun power ups to help achieve your goal! There are hundreds of levels to complete, can you complete them all?","stars":0}

Princess Steampunk
{"description":"Your favourite princesses are dressing up once again! This time in a cool steampunk style! Rapunzel, Moana, Ariel and Elsa are requesting your guidance to choose gorgeous outfits! Customise their hair, outfits and accessories. ","stars":0}

Prints from Head to Toe
{"description":"Create some stunning outfits and have them modelled by 2 popular celebrities! Choose some fashionable printed designed of dresses and skirts among so many other clothes and accessories! Don't forget to give them stunning hair and make up to match the outfits! ","stars":100}

Cute Animals Coloring Book
{"description":"We love Art! We have some super cute animals for you to bring to life! Choose unique colours and styles for the animals. Choose to colour Squirrel, Rabbit, Pig, Dog or a Cat. You can save the photo once you're done or print off the image to colour the pictures yourself! ","stars":0}

Magic Zoo
{"description":"Elsa has a magical Zoo! It is full of special mythical animals who live there! Elsa needs some help looking after all of the animals, they get up to a lot of mischief! Unicorn has broken her horn and needs cleaning up. Dragon has cut their wing and it needs mending! A baby griffin is about to hatch!Witness the griffin hatching and celebrate the birthday! You will have a magical time at the magic zoo with Elsa! ","stars":0}

Angel or Demon Avatar Dress Up Game
{"description":"Will you be an Angel or a Demon in this super fun dress up game! Create your perfect anime character or envision yourself as an angel or demon! Save your character as a full image or turn it into an avatar! There are so many cool options to choose from! There are awesome hairstyles and outfits! ","stars":100}

Sushi Chef
{"description":"Take control of the restaurant! This is a very popular restaurant with customers and celebrities coming from all over the world! Your job is to match 3 of the same ingredients on the table and feed the customers with the item they choose! They don't have much patience though so you will need to be fast! If you fail the owner of the restaurant will fire you and you will be out of a job! Advance through as many levels as you can, move onto new restaurants and create different types of sushi!","stars":0}

Puzzles So Different Princess
{"description":"Princesses love to play dress up! Once they have dressed up they take photos! Unfortunately some of their photos have gotten jumbled up! Put them back together and relieve some of their best times in this fun jigsaw game! There are 9 puzzles to complete! Can you complete them all? ","stars":0}

Royal Queen Vs Modern Queen
{"description":"Princess Elsa is torn between 2 worlds. She wants to be a regal royal respectable queen but also wants to be a young woman wearing modern fashionable clothes! Choose both sets of outfits for Elsa! Be sure to include all the accessories you can, hats, shoes and bags are essential for the Queen!","stars":0}

Wedding Hairdresser for Princesses
{"description":"3 of your favourite princesses are getting married! Thats right, Rapunzel, Jasmine and Ariel and getting married to the person of their dreams! They need you, Queen Elsa to help them get ready for their wedding day! Dye their hair, style it and then its time to dress up! Get them into their wedding dresses and look perfect for their new partner! It'll be the perfect wedding day with you around! ","stars":0}

Arty Mouse Sticker Book
{"description":"Express yourself with this cute sticker book game! Stick Arty Mouse and their friends onto the canvas, tell a story by different objects about the scene! Fly a kite at the beach or explore space in a rocket ship! You can decide how big or small something is, where it goes and who is in the photo! Let your creativity go wild! ","stars":0}

Tattoo Salon
{"description":"Create all sorts of amazing tattoos for your clients! Amazing patterns and colours and you can tattoo whichever pattern you want for them! Choose different patterns for different people and tattoo their necks, backs, shoulders and arms. Have fun and don't forget about the aftercare! ","stars":66.666666666667}

Cute Zoo
{"description":"Its Moana's cute zoo!! There are so many cute baby animals at the zoo. Moana needs your help to look after them all! The Tiger is injured by thorns, the elephant needs bathing and the penguins have a cold! You need to nurse them back to health and then the animals can run around and play again! The cute zoo will be so grateful for your help! ","stars":0}

Face Paint
{"description":"Your customer wants her face painted! Choose from different beautiful face paints and get your customer ready for a party! You can also treat her to a spa session with face masks and cucumbers or dress her up in all sorts of fabulous outfits! ","stars":100}

Princy Eye Doctor
{"description":"Princy has been having some trouble with her vision! Take care of her and help her choose the best prescription glasses. Correctly identify letters, colours and patterns while in with the opticians office. Clear her eyes with drops and check her responsiveness to light. ","stars":100}

Ice Princess Preparing for Spring Ball
{"description":"Spring is here! The magical kingdom is having a Spring Ball at the Palace. Help Eliza prepare the castle. Sweep the floors, replace the broken items and fix the pictures on the wall. Once that is done, its time to decorate! Choose from many different options for pictures, tables, flowers etc. Create a happy, festive atmosphere for your guests and have a fun time at the Ball! ","stars":0}

EZ Mahjong
{"description":"Match the tiles to complete the set and clear the board. The faster you clear the level, the more points you get! There are 36 mahjong levels to complete, ranging in difficulty from easy to expert! Relax while playing this EZ Mahjong game! ","stars":0}

Kids Bedroom Decoration
{"description":"If you've ever dreamt about decorating your own room as a child, now is your chance! You have full control of the decoration in this room. Choose your view, wall colour, bed, everything! Make your room the perfect place to relax and sleep. Be inspired by the fun designs in Kids Bedroom Decoration and maybe your dreams will come true! ","stars":100}

Tom Runner
{"description":"You're being chased! Help Tom run away for the robber. Slide under and jump over signs, dodge in and out of the traffic to get away. Explore the worlds to run through in the best free endless running game! Use coins to upgrade your props, buy different boards and so much more! ","stars":100}

Little Heart Flying
{"description":"The game where your heart soars! Control the Heart, explore the beautiful blue sky while navigating the air balloons and collecting as many stars as you can! Don't hit the balloons and avoid the arrows! Fans of Flappy Bird will love this game! What is your highest score in Little Heart Flying? ","stars":100}

Car Salon
{"description":"You have the best car wash in the business! Everyone comes to you to get their car cleaned back to perfection. The better job you do, the more stars you get! There are so many vehicles to clean and they only get better! You'll be washing super cars and vans by the end!","stars":0}

Princesses Doll Fantasy
{"description":"The Princess sisters Ella and Ava love fashion! They are inspired by cute dolls and create a new collection, full of ruffles and bows. They want to show off their collection but they have to create their favourite outfit first! Help them curate the best looks to show off to the world!","stars":100}

East Princess Through The Ages
{"description":"The gorgeous Princess Of The East, Jasmine wants to play dress up! There are so many outfits, hairstyles and accessories to choose from, you're sure to have a great time choosing the different styles of clothes for her to wear!","stars":50}

Grammys Awards
{"description":"Its time for the Grammy Awards! Princesses from all over the world have been invited but its up to you to dress Moana and Elsa! Make sure that they turn heads on the red carpet by choosing the most fabulous outfits! ","stars":0}

Princess Captain Avenger
{"description":"Queen Eliza must fight off the evil forces in her kingdom! She needs to be well equipped with the right tools but also the right outfit! You can choose between costumes used by past heroes or mix and match to create a stunning new one! Don't forget about the hair and make up to make Queen Eliza fierce to her enemies!","stars":100}

Mermaid Show
{"description":"Its the world famous Mermaid Show at Atlantis! Crowds have gathered to see the mythical mermaids in action. Perform tricks such as jumping through super high hoops or collecting special items. Entertain the crowd and get them on their feet!","stars":50}

Princess Spring Fashion Show
{"description":"Elisa loves doing catwalk shows in the beginning of summer! Choose your favourite outfit! Will you go for elegance or casual charm?","stars":100}

Cute Pony Care
{"description":"Cute pony has been hard at work helping her caregivers in the fields. She has gotten all dirty and injured and now it is her turn to rest. Help nurse cute pony back to health and then treat her with some fun dress up!","stars":80}

Dragon Queen Wedding Dress
{"description":"The Queen of Dragons is getting married to her warrior boyfriend. She needs your help getting ready for the ceremony and she wants to look perfect! Choose a wedding dress, shoes and hairstyle to make her feel amazing. ","stars":50}

Tinker Baby Emergency
{"description":"Baby Tinker was so excited to go exploring with her friends! She was exploring the forest and fell down. Now shes hurt! She has visited you, the best fairy doctor in the land and needs your help to recover as soon as possible. Eye drops help her eye infection use x rays spot any fractures. If you can help her she will be eternally grateful! ","stars":100}

Pop-Pop Candies
{"description":"Pop Pop all the candies in the level! Shoot a candy into a matching candy to clear it. Step it up and bounce the candy off of the wall to reach the matching one in a hard to reach space. Bright and colourful, the Pop Pop candy world is full of sugary sweet things to do. ","stars":0}

BTS Animals Coloring Book
{"description":"Its the Back To School Animal Coloring Book! Choose a cute picture and color it too perfection! Let your imagination run wild! Make a brightly coloured cat or bird, save the picture or print it off! Its so entertaining and fun to play! ","stars":66.666666666667}

My Pony My Little Race
{"description":"You and your pony are best friends! You both love to race and that is what you will do! Take control and run epic races! Collect rainbow horseshoes, golden coins and more in My Pony, My Little Race. Avoid the obstacles and you can win the races. What a cute friendship. ","stars":100}

Princess Make Donut
{"description":"Princess Mia LOVES donuts, but she doesn't have any ingredients. Its shopping time! Go to the supermarket and get the items on Mia's list. Eggs, milk, flour, oil. Once thats done, its time to make the donut! Combine the ingredients and fry it to perfection. After that, decorate the donut to make the perfect dreamy donut. You will love to learn how to make donuts with Princess Mia. ","stars":80}
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