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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Escape Games

Fish Tales
Swim and eat.. then eat some more!

Santa in Hell
Help Santa get out of hell!

Prison Break
Escape from your prison cell.

FFX Runner

Cave Escape 2
Your are a scientist exploring a cave. While in the depths you come into...

Mad Shark
You are the mad shark trying to escape from the evil experiments. See ho...

Mad Shark
You are the mad shark trying to escape from the evil experiments. See ho...

Stay in the Light

The Great Escape
Collect as much food as you can and escape the farm!

Prison Escape
Try to escape the prison without getting detected

Squirrel Escape
Escape! without being killed!

Shooting Fish

Super Fishing
Catch fish as many as you can!

El Emigrante
Try to evade the cops as long as posible!

Franky the Fish
Franky is on a mission to eat the world!

The Lord of the Harpoon
Feed your wife and don't let her die in starvation!

Jail Break
To escape from Jail you need to run errands and complete tasks.

The little guy will try to catch your mouse pointer! Try to evade as lon...

Tomb of Doom
Gather all the clues to escape the tomb

Riddle School
Try to leave the school and your boring class!

Riddle School 2
Help Phil escape the school!

Houdini: The Temple of the Serpent
Can you escape with Houdini?

Japanish Fishing
Catch fish as much as possible!

Escape From Clowncatraz
Rescue clowns by picking them up inside the jail and launching them over...

Fat Pol
Poor Fat Pol! He was abducted and had all sorts of vile experiments perf...

Eat the smaller fishes for you to grow bigger, but beware of larger fish...

Escape from Elm Street
Walk around this scary dark house explore different rooms bathroom bedro...

Little Loki
Escape hell by jumping upwards and avoiding the raging lava below and al...

Tomato Bounce
Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad.

Scoobydoo Escape from Coolsonian
Scooby is trapped in the Coolsonian Museum. Help him find his way throug...

Stick Trinity
3 Stick Characters to chose: Warrior,Assassin,Berserker.7 Chapters, ton ...

Nemo's Revenge
Help Captain Nemo retrieve the Nautilus' power source before being eaten...

Prison Throw
Escape prison by firing yourself in a catapult and avoiding the guards. ...

Finding Nemo(Memory Game)
How good your memory really lets try to find it out.

Fresh Catch
Throw the fish into the right piles using the right amount of power.

Sponge Bob SquarePants 1.2
Help Sponge Bob deal with every life.

Jail Birdman
Sneak around the jail and find the key and then return to starting point...

Escape from Paparazzi
Avoid the paparazzi ganging on you.

The aim of the game is to collect all the fish before time run's out.

Frat Boy Blind Date Horror
Unfortunately for Austin, his love life hasn't been going too well latel...

Shark Attack
Oh no !! Some drunken tourists have slipped off deck and are floating ar...

Sewer Escape
Bounce the hamster out of the sewers. Don't let him fall to his death!

Fishing Game
Its the classic fishing game but lots of fun! Just position the shooter,...

Fish Hunter
Hunt as many fish as you can! This game is not easy... but when you do c...

Escape from the THK58
You play as Sarah, and you must go to the escape pod room. You'll have t...

Under Wars
Help the seahorse defeat mutant fishes attacking the Undersea Kingdom.

Sponge Bob SquarePants Sea Monster Smoosh
Similar to Dig Dug you're SpongeBob and you dig and shoot the other Spon...

Escaping Paris
Sneak passed guards views, grab the prison keys and unlock doors and att...

Hostel Part 2: The Killing Floor

Big Fish
Catch as many fishes as possible within 2 minutes.

Scooby Doo Curse of Anubis
Move the pyramid stones as Scooby and Shaggy.

Rigelian Hotshots
Use the arrow keys to control the fireball. Kill thrill suckers to earn ...

String Avoider Deluxe
Guide your long string to the end of the level and avoid walls, use scis...

Monster Basement
Escape this basement before the monster returns.

Robotic Fishy
Try to eat the fish smaller than you. Avoid the ones that are the same s...

Choco Museum
Find the bags of Choco and click items to make your way through the museum.

Get the Roadies to the gig on time, avoiding the perils of bouncers, big...

Eat as much fish as you can but avoid the red fish or game over.

Bratz Babyz Fish Tanks
You'll have lots of fun with your fishy friends if you feed them and kee...

The Lost Vikings
Help three Vikings with each different skills to escape from the lair of...

Hospital Escape
Explore the rooms, find the clues and try to escape from the hospital.

This is a small Korean flash game where you have to jump from platform t...

Prisoner of War
You're a POW and you must escape immediately.

Hyper Square
You have just risen from the Hyper Square and you must find your way out...

The Sea Of Glomp
Your goal is to help that ugly fish to get its stolen egg back in this f...

Catch Fish
Catch the fish by throwing stones at them.

You're a Dick Tracy guy helping the newsy boys out. Help them over ledge...

Seeker's Story: The Escape
Run fast and jump over openings. This game is all about timing and jumpi...

Avatar Elemental Escape
Switch between multiple game characters to complete the map and rescue a...

Ocean Explorer
Take part in Jacques Cousteau's Marine Conservation project in an attemp...

Escape Mission

Wayside Arrow Escape
Climb to the last platform avoiding cupido arrows. You will have to acti...
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