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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Platforms Games

Ultimate Flash Sonic
A flash clone of the highly popular Sonic game.<br><br>This ...

Sonic the Hedgehog
Try this another sonic adventures in flash!

Mario's Adventure 2
Awesome graphic mario game in flash

Mario Starcatcher 2
Try to catch the star in every level.

Red Beard On Gold hunt
Collect all the colored beads and reach the exit!

Matrix Rampage
Move and jump up and down with ARROWS. A to attack, S to pick up a weapo...

Crazy Nut
How high can you reach in this bouncy game!

Monoliths Mario World 2
Version 2 of one of the best mario game adaptations.

Super Flash Mario Bros
Another nice Mario game.

Pie Craving
Play as a pie craving creature! Try to get the pie in order to level up!...

Mario World
Press up arrow to enter the exit door at the end of a level.

Park Life

Duck Dodgers
Cool Cartoon action platform! Daffy and Piggy Martian. Where is the Road...

Megaman Polarity

Space Dude
Shoot all your allien enemies!

Bubble Gum Run
Collect all the fabulous Bubble Tape flavors to pass the levels. You onl...

Guardian Angel

Super Mario World Revived
Another mario game

Hobbit Rampage
Nice flash game wherein you collect coins while venturing the world!

Heman and the Masters of the Universe

Ninja Keys
Collect all the keys in order to save the princess before the time runs ...

Muffin The Star Hunter
Collect the ten stars on each level to open the exit; a big star will op...

Bomb Jack
Collect all the bombs.


Castle Cat 2 - The Miami Invasion
Castle Cat is out in adventure again this time its saving Miami from inv...

Captain DJ

Aitchu - Episode 3
The quest for finding Sowsi San continues!

Down Boy
Help your character go down in this dragonball inspired game

Bubble Bobble The Revival
This is the flash version of the classic Bubble Bobble game where you ha...

Candy Man
Fun and bouncy adventure game with lots of levels. bounces, nad things a...

Get to the top of the level and through the exit...

Leap of Faith
Try to reach the bottom without dying!

Dangerous Forest
You have to find the 8 masks hidden in the Forest.

Cable Capers 2
Help Arnold the cable fitter escape from underground!

Castle Cat
Help the cat climb up the castle to defend it from hostile intruders!

The Kitchen of Doom
Collect all the foods before it gets rotten!

Sc$#$!r Caper
Its lunch time on the construction site, but you lost your pack lunch. M...


Find a way to get the key to reach the exit!

Let Love Be Your Energy
Guide Robbie through different levels collecting the girls and let love ...

Aitchu - Episode 1
You'll have to search for the secret passages to continue you quest in f...

Aitchu - Episode 2
The search for Sowsi San continues!

Kung Fu Statesmen
Awesome kung fu adventure with a superhero opponent!

Gandys Quest
Help Gandy to get his pipe back you must avoid all your enemy

Fighting Universe
You must defend your planet and destroy the enemy.

Rocket Fighter - The lost land of Drain
Intelligence reports that the desolate continent of Orain shows existenc...

Battle City
You control the tank to defend the heart of city.

Braving the Elements

Candy Cane Crisis
Play as good ol' Saint Nick in this mario-like platform game. Jump, doub...

Use your skill to collect as many coins as you can, to score points and ...

Global Defense
Try to stop the meteors from crashing into earth. Get weapon power-ups a...

Gutter Cat
This is a platform game, Gutter Cat. Simply collect 20 bones before the ...

Heavy Metal Girl
Lay down some killer riffs in this fun platform game. Clear the level of...

Megaman Project X
Megaman game use rock to dash jump power up cannon and fire at enemies.

Flexi Combat
The objective of the game is to destroy the scum before they reach you, ...

Dragon Gem
A cool Flash Platform Games. Beat the enemy by using your sword and coll...

Clock Legends - Strawberry's Peggey Hunt
Run around as Strawberry Clock. Power up your energy and jump over dangers.

Space Bounty
Shoot the baddies on the platforms. Jump around and go through doors to ...

A top-down jet shooter. Blow away the enemy ships and the turrets. Picku...

Panik In Bubble Trouble
Help Panik destroy the cyber bubbles unleashed by the evil red guy, all ...

Knight Shift
Mylan the Mage has been up to no good. Using his time-traveling powers, ...

Ninjai The Little Ninja: Budokai Scroll
Help Ninjai retrieve the Budokai Scroll and defeat all the enemies that ...

Ninjai Scroll
Help Ninjai retrieve the sacred scroll.

Smithys Quest
Help Smithy get back his golden spork stolen from him by the evil clown ...

Tanks City
Destroy the other tanks and earn extra points. Remake of the classic gam...

Panik in Suburbia
Jump on platforms and ropes just right to make it across without dying a...

Sonic Xtreme
Sonic returns in a New flash game. Grab the golden rings and don't die. ...

Quickling will take you on a fun adventure both visually and in game-pla...

The Lost Vikings
Help three Vikings with each different skills to escape from the lair of...

War on the Block
Defend your base from the attacking tanks! Remake of the Classic Game Ba...


The Relic Rush
Make your way through this platform adventure game while dodging securit...
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