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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Running Games

Tom & Jerry - Run Jerry RUNNN!
Have ever seen the Tom and Jerry cartoon?<br>Now you've got a chan...

Summer Games 2005
Enter the Summer Games of 2005! Represent your country of choice and com...

Moron Marathon
Run as fast as you can till you get to the red tiles,and then stop on th...

Super Crazy Baseball Maniac Deluxe
This is the craziest and funniest baseball game ever as you try first to...

Scooby Doo 1000 Graveyard Dash
Run as fast as you can through the graveyard.

Speed Highway
Run as fast as you can without tripping by clicking the incoming enemies...

Rugger Bugger
Run as fast as you can dodging the football players trying to make it to...

Gogo Diet
Tap the left and right arrows to run and avoid food not to put on weight.

Pyon Hero

Jazzy Annette Space Cadet

Soopa Sprinta
Run and Jump over garbage cans and walls.

Gus vs. Bus
Gus is about to miss the bus this is no gameit's the last day of school ...

Empas Racing
Sprint your way to victory

Super Boomer Max
Gather all of the gums and dodge all monsters.

Guide the runner through the levels.

Crazy Flasher X Running
Free run in the sidescrolling levels as you stay alive moving from platf...

Bugs Bunny and Cecil in Mad Dash
An epic battle between a rabbit and a turtle.

Run Ronaldo Run
Ronaldo doing what he does best, eating hamburgers and scoring goals!

Polar Express: Ticket Chase
Help our hero retrieve his ticket.

The Morning Walk
Avoid all the obstacles along the way. try to walk the dogs as long as y...

Go Go Diet
Run and avoid food not to put on weight.

Run Lil' Broccoli
Don't get chopped by the chef!

Free Run
React to key prompts and don't stop running! Faster your time higher you...

The Wildhearts Stage Dive
Run as fast as you can and then stage dive and try to get as far as poss...

Box-Baby Runner
Dodge the boxes by ducking, and jumping over and between them. Can you m...

Compete to three different types sports contest and do your best.

Cops and Robbers
Run away from the cops as you knock over market stands to slow them down...

You are given a chance to run a 100 meters sprint game. Run as fast as y...

The Race
As you run you'll encounter every type of imaginable obstacle. Use the a...

Pucca: Runaway
Your enemies are after you! Avoid their attacks by pressing the letter t...

A Game of Halves
Score big and avoid being tackle at your rugby match.

Run Soldier Run
Move your soldiers around both forward, backward, and apart and together...

Chicken and Chocolate
Obtain as much chocolate as you can but avoid getting hit by bombs and m...

Santu Vs. Bantu
Play as Santu or Bantu in this epic battle between best mates. Aim the s...

Zombie Run
Run away from the zombies as you grab diamonds. Make the zombies run int...

Roll the Zorbatron for as long as possible as you avoid crashing into it...

Run Batman Run
Help Christian Bale escape the law and live to make another sequel.

Box Dodge Fury
Box Dodge Fury is very original. It's so fun, all you do is run and dodg...

Olympix Summer Games
Got Olympix fever? The medical staff at AG recommends huge doses of this...

Torch Runner
Run down the street with the torch as you dodge things that will put out...

Streaking Game
How long can you evade the security in the field.

100 Meter
be the best at the 100 meter dash race.

100m Running
Run the 100m in the lowest time

110m Hurdles
Run fastest and jump over the the hurdles

Virtual OL
Try winning all the track and field events and make a world record.
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