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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Animal Games

Fullmetal Alchemist
Ignite the transmutation circle to set off one Hydrogen Blast per round....

Tom & Jerry - Run Jerry RUNNN!
Have ever seen the Tom and Jerry cartoon?<br>Now you've got a chan...

Fleabag vs Mutt
Hilarious tunr base game, where you have to throw bones to defeat your c...

Puppy Racers
Beat your opponent and collect as many stars as you can

Black Beaks Treasure Cove
Playing as one of Toucan Sam's nephews, you must run, jump, and fly from...

James the Circus Zebra
Fly through the air across tightropes trampolines and t&&!$zes as James ...

Tony the Turtle and the Island Adventure

Squirrel Escape
Escape! without being killed!

Castle Cat 2 - The Miami Invasion
Castle Cat is out in adventure again this time its saving Miami from inv...

Castle Cat 3 - The Las Vegas Connection
Another adventure of Castle Cat, this time its in Las Vegas!

Raiders of the Lost Bark
The forest of Congo are under threat! Help our hero Congo Jones save the...

Castle Cat 4
Another adventure of Castle Cat!

Use the seesaw to bounce the penguins against the blocks.

Castle Cat
Help the cat climb up the castle to defend it from hostile intruders!

Spider Bugs
Try to connect bugs with the same color!

Reach the Skies
Jump as high as you can!

Yeti Sports (Part 2) - Orca Slap
Another game in the famous Yeti-series. Hit the penguins with the snowba...

The grass in these crazy hills has a high helium content. The sheep have...

Mr. Fox
A side scrolling platform with the visual flare of a b&W cartoon.

Bunny vs. World
As a ninja rabbit, you must find Adolf Bunne and destroy him!

Eat the smaller fishes for you to grow bigger, but beware of larger fish...

Fly Pig
You gotta shoot down some darn flying pigs with your shot gun! You are o...

Cat Bowling
Squash as many cats as possible. You've only got 10 frames-no more-so ma...

In this flash game, you are playing volleyball with crabs.

Turtle Herder
Direct the lost sea turtles into the beach. Use your mouse to guide the ...

Adventures of a Cow
Help rescue the cow's friend who is locked away in a cage.

Beaver Dive
Dive to the bottom of the sea to pick up pearls from the clams, avoid co...

What do you do when your the size of a small dicky bird and an elephant ...

Crazy Koala
A crazy koala has grabbed a hold of a rocket and is now flying through t...

Try to collect all the letters to make a word.

Championship Cock Fighters
Get your friend and duel your cocks.

While playing the game you must save the snakes out of the room. but the...

Zoo Keeper
A simple game where you should pair the animals together to save the Zoo.

Xtream Skate
Do you like Stuart Little? Then mount his skate and show your abilities ...

Feed The Birds
Feed the birds with water but watch out they are quick.

Snakeman Steve
Snakeman Steve is blind. He can't find the mice he needs to eat in order...

Bull Fighter
Here is your chance to test your bull fighting skills.

Swing Cat
This is a two player game. Your goal is to knock down your opponent cat ...

Boomerang Mayhem
Don't let the kangaroos punch you out.

Save Mice
Save as many mice as needed to get to the next level.

You are in the arena with fellow gladiators and tigers. Last one standin...

Shuffle the Penguin
Your objective is to shuffle the penguin against the strong wind towards...

Monster Sumo
Knock the enemies out of the poolside ring in Monster Poolside Sumo.

Mouse Mailer
PC Mouse loves to stay n touch via email. Can you help him avoid the obs...

Harry Potter I - Underwater Wizardry
The second task of the tournament where you have to swim through Merpeople.

Monkey Mayhem
The monkey is causing trouble again! Help Gilligan use his slingshot to ...

Milk Panic
The cows in the field have eaten something unknown and they are producin...

Lunar Mouse House
The objective of this game is to control the ships and avoid hitting wal...

Animal 2
Move the falling block to right and left. Complete a route and return a ...

Cheese Hunter
Your objective is to jump around and eat cheese.

Feed the Croc
Feed the croc babies. You must make 10 points to move to the next round.

Bat and Mouse
Your the mouse, avoid the bat and other enemies and collect as much chee...

Bueno Rufus
Fill the fast food orders correctly by putting the appropriate toppings ...

Hang Stan
It's hangman with a pig and a hungry farmer, kind of like a child's wors...

Worm Race
Place your bet to your favorite worm.

Fuzzy McFluffeinstein's Mouse Mash
Jump on mice and earn more time. If your time runs out, you'll explode! ...

Kamikaze Frogs
Kill the jumping frogs before the hit you.

Stun Attack
Hit as much critters as you can in a given time span.

Turtle Snake
The original game of snake has got a new twist in the form of Turtle Sna...

Crack Shot
Shoot as much animals as possible but avoid shooting protected animals

Tom and Jerry in Refriger - Raiders
Two different games, if you play as Tom you throw water balloons, Jerry ...

Turtle Bridge
Carry baggage from the left bank to right bank and return.

Desert Hunter
Shoot any desert animals that move. All must die!

Lord Cannonball
Shoot the wild life as it passes by your screen. 3 different difficulty ...

chickenboy chucky
Chucky, a little chicken who doesn't fly very well, has managed to stran...

Shark Tale The Big Race
Race the sea horses and try to win first place.

Squirrel Hunt
Shoot down those pesky rabid squirrel that are infesting the clubs.

Fuzzy McFluffeinstein 2
One day in a quaint little pet store, a cat just suddenly brings havoc t...

Wolf N Swine
The lupine/porcine rivalry gets re-written as Robo-pig gets the chance t...

Ovcata Ninja Reincarnation
Test your dexterity and quick reactions.

Jumping Bananas
Jump around and collect bananas while dodging the other creatures.

Turbocharged Penguins
Launch your penguin and click him while on air to keep him bouncing as h...
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