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Free Online Games For Girls
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Animal Games Games

Stay The Distance Horse Racing
Race your way around the course!

Mane Pony Dressup Game
Make this pony look nice!

Horse Show Jumping Game
Get around the course and over the jumps in the given time!

Lucky Ranch Dressup Game
Dress up the rider and horse!

Seahorse Round Up Game
Collect underwater objects as you ride the puzzle paths of beautiful Bel...

Animal Athletics Game
Animal athletics game Do lots of fun things!

Little Bear Dress Up Game
Help the little blue bear get dressed make sure he is smartly dressed to...

Chicks On The Run Game
Chicks On The Run Game have fun getting the chicks to the correct feeder!

Net Pet
Net Pet - Adopt a cat or dog, name it, and look after it.

A Walk In The Park
A Walk In The Park - Guide the dog and owner, collecting doggy treats an...

I Lost My Puppy
I Lost My Puppy - You have lost a dog! With the help of a picture and yo...

Fetch - Fungo is a boy. He should throw the ball. Buddy is a dog, he sho...

Horsey Racing
Horsey Racing - Run like the wind! Sparky, Rosy and Saddler are waiting ...

Stay the Distance Horse Racing
Stay the Distance Horse Racing - Study a field, pick a horse and see if ...

Fish Hunt!
Fish Hunt! - Can you complete all 6 missions?

Cat Bowling
Cat Bowling - Knock down as many animals as you can!

Build a Beast
Build a Beast - Drag and drop beast bits to build your own beast and see...

Ciara Dress Up
Ciara Dress Up - Give Ciara a cool new outfit.

Puppy Center
Puppy Center - Pamper these pets before they give you the sad puppy look!

Panda Lounger Dress Up
Even after being accidentally shipped to the North Pole, this panda stil...

Fish For Food
Meet Freddie the Fish! He lives deep in the ocean, and he is on a missio...

Cheetah Fashion Dress Up
If he's ever gonna be king of the jungle, this cool cat better dress to ...

Panda Circus
Help the little panda grab all the hanging stars in the circus, jumping ...

Kitten Puzzle
Place the kitten over their shadows before time runs out.

Stunt Penguin
Make your stunt penguin dive through all the rings to complete the level...

Bratz Babyz Ponyz Styling
Choose your pony and give him a makeover. Every Ponyz needs a styling ma...

Turtillion Island
It's up to you to make sure the island's turtle population lives on. Get...

Kitty Bomber
Small, cute, fluffy kitty cat decided to destroy our world! Roll out all...

Gorilla Dressup
Dress up your gorilla with your favorite costumes.

Puppies Salon
Imagine you own this nice puppy salon where cute little doggies come to ...

Zippy Bunny Dress Up
Zippy is a very sporty bunny who loves all the sports. He is great at al...

Pet Hairstyle Design
You are running a pet hair salon and want to give the little friends a t...

Bunny Rescuer
Even in the bunny world there is one bunny that is the rescuer and helps...

Birds Rescue
It's a mess in the forest today and the birds are falling down the tree....

Summer Penguin Dress Up
How would a penguin dress up when it's summer time? Let's play this fun ...

Snack Time
Swap foods until you get the correct food above the animal that eats it.
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