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Celebrity Games Games

Sarah Jessica Parker Dress Up
Sarah Jessica Parker Dress Up - Give the Sex and The City actress a suit...

Brad Pitt Make Up Game
Make Brad Pitt look nice!

Cameron Diaz Dress Up
Dress up Cameron Diaz to make her look nice.

Dakota Fanning Dress Up
Dress dakota up real nice!

Selena - Put make up on the fantastic Mexican actress, Selena Gomez. She...

Dress Up Justin Bieber
Imagine you have to dress up Justin Bieber for a romantic date with YOU!...

Brad Pitt Dress Up Game
Dress Brad up so he looks very nice!

Orlando Bloom Dressup Game
Dress up Orlando Bloom just like you want!

Beyonce Knowles Makeover
Are you a big fan of Beyonce Knowles? If you like her songs and the way ...

Justin Bieber Makeover
The famous singer Justin Bieber needs a talented stylist like you to hel...

Brad Pitt Dress Up
Brad Pitt Dress Up - Pick the best clothes for Brad to wear!

Paris Hilton Make Up
Paris Hilton Make Up - Give Paris the perfect celeb look!

Hilary Duff Dress Up 2
Hilary Duff Dress Up 2 - Choose the perfect outfit.

Britney Spears Make Up
Brit's back and lookin' fab!

Megan Fox Makeover
The beautiful actress Megan Fox is going to be at a Hollywood red carpet...

Penelope Cruz Celebrity Makeover
Penelope Cruz herd that you are in fact the best make over artist in the...

Dress Paris In Jail
Dress Paris In Jail - Choose a cool outfit for this jailbird!

Nina Dobrev Make Up
Nina Dobrev is a young rising star, a beautiful actress and very talente...

Justin Bieber Dress-Up
When Justin puts on a pouty face it means he needs some pampering for hi...

Gotholi Dress Up
Gotholi Dress Up - Dress up this cute goth girl.

Jaden Smith Dress Up
A young and talented actor, Jaden Smith is the star of the new Karate Ki...

Elvis Dress Up
Elvis Dress Up - Give the king a cool outfit.

Beyonce & Jennifer Lopez Dress Up
Beyonce & Jennifer Lopez Dress Up - Give these two celebs wonderful new ...

Rihanna's Loud Fashion Dress Up
Rihanna has hit the world like a wildfire, throwing out hit songs left a...

Hollywood Dress Up
Hollywood Dress Up - Choose your favourite celebrity and dress her up sm...

Queen Amidala Dress Up
Queen Amidala Dress Up - Choose the perfect outfit!

Orlando Bloom Dress Up
Orlando Bloom Dress Up - Which outfit will look best on Orlando?

Keira Knightley Celebrity Makeover
Give Keira Knnightley the best makeover shes ever had in her life, with ...

Lady Gaga Dress Up Celebrity
Lady Gaga is known for her funky and strange outfits and for her amazing...

Drake Bell Dress Up
Drake Bell is an American actor, comedian, guitarist, singer/songwriter,...

Scarlett Johanssen Makeover
The beautiful and talented actress Scarlett Johanssen is getting ready t...

Beyonce Dress Up
Beyonce Dress Up - Choose a fab outfit for Beyonce!

Pink Dress Up
Pink Dress Up - Pick some cool clothes for Pink.

Brad Pitt Make Up
Brad Pitt Make Up - Pick some make up for brad.

Angelina Jolie Make Up
Angelina Jolie Make Up - Give Angelina a stunning makeover!

Victoria Beckham Dress Up
Victoria Beckham Dress Up - Give Victoria the perfect celeb look.
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