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Free Online Games For Girls
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Fun Games Games

Space Travelling
Jump from planet to planet and collect the stars on your way.

Buttons Up
Collecting Buttons Try to collect all the buttons within the time limit.

Cycling Kiss
The couple is joyfully riding on the street in their cycle! Make the cou...

Ayse & Ali Storybook
Write and design your very own musical storybook!

Headfolk Boom!
From followers to food in one to two booms!

Themepark Pinball
It's pinball pandemonium with a festive flavour!

Diving Champion
Is a body bull's-eye better than a belly flop? Well, it'll get you more ...

Hiring Day
Hiring Day - You know you have an awesome job when you get to smash stuf...

Look Out For Your Mates
Look Out For Your Mates - Its time for a taxi home but your mates are al...

Rainbow Spider
Rainbow Spider - Take the Rainbow Spider on a journey through a magical ...

Dragon Journey
Dragon Journey - Avoid the obstacles and enemies! Collect lots of eggs!

Lawine Surfer
Lawine Surfer - Roll a huge snowball and take out as many penguins as po...

Swoop To Nuts
Swoop To Nuts - Help the squirrel gather her nuts for winter!

Magic Character Creator
Magic Character Creator - Choose some objects to place in the magic box,...

Build a Robot
Build a Robot - Build yourself a really cool robot.

Gogo Diet
Gogo Diet - Run as fast as you can! Avoid the food so that you dont put ...

Wahine Hula Hustle
Wahine Hula Hustle - Help the Hula Wahine dance their way through paradi...

Doggy Canon
Doggy Canon - Collect as many items as you can while the doggy is in mid...

Angry Girlfriend
Angry Girlfriend - Hit the angry people with your love missiles, or dodg...

Sugar Cast
Sugar Cast - Jump as high as you can to get a high score!

Turbo Charged Penguins
Turbo Charged Penguins - Hit your penguin as far as you can!

Underwater City
Underwater City - Build your own cool underground world!

Flight Of The Hamsters
Flight Of The Hamsters - Help the hamsters enjoy their time off with the...

Deep Frozen Love
Deep Frozen Love - Arnold the archeologist discovers that there could st...

Bump My Ride
Bump My Ride - Drive in the lane of love and pick up as many sweet rides...

Hit the Monkey
Hit the Monkey - Take care of wind direction, adjust power, throw your s...

Escaping Paris
Escaping Paris - Help Paris escape from prison!

Raccoon Racing
Raccoon Racing - Grab weapons while you race, shoot your enemies to ensu...

Girl Rush
Girl Rush - Collect as many lipsticks and make ups as you can while driv...

Basket of Love
Basket of Love - Kwan is showing off his slam dunk skills to impress his...

Crazy Penguin Catapult
Crazy Penguin Catapult - Catapult your Penguin as far as you can!

Fleabag vs Mutt
Fleabag vs Mutt - Throw bones at your opponent to defeat him.

Monkey Kart
Monkey Kart - Help Jimmy Bananas finish first!

Love Tester
Love Tester - Check your compatability with your dreamboat!

Rollercoaster Rush
Rollercoaster Rush - Create the ultimate roller coaster experience!

Animals In The City
Animals In The City - Are you a pretty pig or a nerdy panda? Take this t...
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