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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Food Games

Sushi Serving
Take a plate, look at the moving tray, place right ingredients on the pl...

Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker
Help these three nice girls decorate muffins!

Mile High Sundaes
Design the most delicious ice cream sundae ever.

Beat the Cheese
Help Garfield beat this pesky little rats in his cheese.

Holly Hobbie: Pack A Picnic
Holly is meeting Carrie and Amy for a Hey Girls Club picnic. Help it mak...

The Apprentice
Keep your customers happy by filling their orders.

Click on the guys to make them either grab the food or dodge the bombs. ...

Try to bake as many loaves of bread as possible!

Wedding Cake Decoration
Decorate all the wedding cakes or choose only your favorite one!

Hot Dog Bush
"Ever wonder what President George "Dubya" Bush will be doing once he le...

Gingerbread Man
Help dress up this gingerbread man before he gets eaten!

Cake House
Create a cake that not only looks good, but tastes good to. Can you crea...

Cake Catcher
Catch falling cakes and sweets, score points and go to the next level.

Ice Cream Deliver
The kids want ice cream cones. Can you remember the pattern that they wa...

Left Overs
The food has gone bad. Stomp on it before you start puking!

The Great Burger Builder
Build burgers in the exact order as shown on the cook's chart.

Pancake Man
Flip the pancake and get high score but don't wait too long or your panc...

Pastry Shop
Help decorate the Pastry Shop!

Food Face
Who says you aren't supposed to play with your food? That is exactly wha...

Ratatouille - Marionette Madness
This chef isn't very good but the mouse is a big help. You can help too ...

Picnic Basket Defense
You and your partner have planned for a nice and romantic picnic in the ...

Strawberry Cake Builder
Wait for a good moment and throw the strawberry on the piece of cake.

Grab the food, and jump over the bombs that are placed on each level of ...

Ramen Cooking Game
I know you college people cook this at least twice a week! People who ar...

Shop till you drop
Try to catch the falling food in your shopping cart. But only catch what...

Treasures of The Deep
Go fishing in Mr. Meaty's deep-fryer to see what kinds of gross treats y...

Unazukin Picnic
Drag the flies so the frog could reach them with its tongue and eat.

Quick n Mix
It's all about keeping enough sweets on hand for all your customers. Tha...

Penguin Diner
While on an Antarctic trek, Penny the Penguin goes off track and ends up...

Ong's Sister Kitchen
Bake cookies and pastries before times run out.

Cookie Cutter: Twisted
Cut the crap and cut some cookies. How fast can you make perfect shapes ...

Fairy Cooking
Bake some cakes for your lovely customer.

Magic Baking
An interactive way for you to learn how to bake.

Make a Pizza
It's to make and bake a pizza.

Coffee Tycoon
You run a coffee shop and it's your job to keep the business going.

Pancake Cooking
It looks easy but you need to work to keep everyone happy and stay in bu...

Shoot the veggies at the incoming school kids. Starts off boring, but mo...

Sewer Fever
The evil Han has locked up tanner's kung fu companions behind reinforced...

Top That
Welcome to Mech-Droids fast food simulator. Here you will be trained to ...

Quick Burger
Serve up burgers to people and earn money.

Ratatouille Kitchen
Your job is to give the ingredients needed by the chefs.

Fast Cooker
Collect enough ingredients for your dish.

Family Restaurant
Create your own delicious dishes in the kitchen and make sure your guest...

Master Shosho
Help Master ShoSho jump and duck his way to a full stomach!

Can you keep off with taking the bad food off the grocery store conveyor...

Soda Pop Girls: Bubble Batch Bottle Catch
Help prepare her yummy sodas.

Skittles: Smoothie Shop
Give your customer the smoothie combo they desire.

Lay the Table
Decorate your table with foods.

Pancake Day
Learn how to make a perfect pancake.

Go Go Diet
Run and avoid food not to put on weight.

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Travel various levels to rescue your friend.

Small Dragon Adventure
Collect food and avoid all obstacles.

Strawberry Shortcake Dance
Follow the dance steps Strawberry's giving to you.

Cooking Mexican Fajitas
Help Abuela cook her delicious Fajitas.

Takeaway Jake
Jake looks after the snack counter. He's a former professional wrestler!...

Dinner Party
Help! The guest will be here any minute and nothing is ready! Be sure no...

Cake Love
Cake is love and we love cake. Decorate this one any way you want - you ...

Burger World
It's called Fast Food for a reason - time is everything. Follow the orde...

Mahjong Burger
Prepare all the orders from the conveyor belt in time by finding 2 tiles...

Joy Story
Set up a nice dining table and food for these lovers.

Tropical Fruit Salad
Get the ingredients Abuela needs.

Banger Racing
Risk your life and take a chance to become a champion sausage jockey, ra...

Donuts Mania
Manage the donut shop as you build donuts to your customers specs. Don't...

Pappaz Pizza
Try to keep your restaurant going for as long as possible- and don't mis...

Mame - Do
Pick up the beans by using the chopstick and move its to the different p...

Abbatti's Pizza
Create different kinds of pizza and stop the pest trying to get a bite t...

Tubby's Big Adventure
Guide Tubby through the different regions and grab all the junk food avo...

Pizza Shack
Serve the people with some Fries, shakes and Pizza.

Top That Deux
Serve people some salad and sandwiches.

Mom Mania
Serve the kids with some Mac and Cheese.

Frenzy Kitchen
Help Goofy prepare the meal for some Disney Character.

Muffin Madness
Mix it, bake it, decorate it. Create an earthquake cake!
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