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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Sports Games

Drift Battle
Try to beat the computer in this cool race game

Dune Bashing
Take this challenging journey through the massive sand dunes of Dubai ri...

Cycle Racer
Your pals have challenged you to a bike race and you have no intentions ...

Pitching Game
Pick a professional baseball team then try to hit the 10 balls by swingi...

Roller Blade
Jump at the chance to skate like a winner. Finish the course with your P...

Ultimate Mega Hoops
The objective of the player is to shoot the basketball as many as you ca...

Power Play
You're on the power play so score as many times as you can over the cour...

Kick Ups
The aim of the game is to keep the ball up in the air for as long as you...

Avoid the moving balls and collect those bonus points.

Baseball Typing
From the anime "Doraemon" comes this exciting typing game where you must...

Bull Fighter
Here is your chance to test your bull fighting skills.

Yeti Hammer Throw
Throw the hammer as far as you can.

Counter Punch
Test your boxing skills in this pretty cool Game Boy game.

All-Star Dodgeball
Choose your favorite all stars and play against the computer.

Fisticuffs Boxing
Knockout your opponent.

Sik Trix BMX
Pull off sick trix with this one. Finish the level before the time runs ...

Half Pipe Skateboarding
Use arrow keys as controls.Free skate or compete. Pull off some sick tri...

Ultimate Football
Complete as many passes as you can and don't get intercepted.

Bend it Like Beckham
Try and score on the goalie.

Beer Golf
Mini golf and beer all all in the same place.

BMX Stuntbike
This game is really addictive. Especially when you start pulling off 360...

Punch the opponent for as fast as you can because he shares the same goa...

Onsen Pingpong
This is a very cool table tennis game!

Just Pitching Golf
This game consists of 3 holes. Your objective on level 1 is to pitch the...

The Big Hit
Tackle the man holding the ball to avoid a touch down.

Hit the ball and make the ball will fall at green circle around the flag...

Downhill Joe
Snowboard over bikini women and other objects. Grab as many coins as pos...

Jeeve's Volleyball
This is one of the best volleyball games and also one of the most bizarr...

Wear The Shirt
Line up your soccer goal kick and try to get the ball past the goalie.

The aim of the game is to get all 11 of your Sumo wrestling football tea...

Score as many points as you can in this fun basketball game by dragging ...

Tennis Game
This is the most fun and enjoying tennis game with ultra cool graphics t...

Peace Queen Cup Korea
This is the best soccer game ever! You will be Korea's representative in...

Summer Games 2005
Enter the Summer Games of 2005! Represent your country of choice and com...

Roboxer 2
Taking punches would hurt, so why not let your little robot take all the...

Rats & Spears
The rats from a nearby damp are going mad about javelin-throwing.

Sponge Bob Squarepants: Spongeseeker
Try to find where your opponent hide Sponge Bob and company in vice versa.

Pinch Hitter
Homerun heaven in this beautiful baseball game!

NBA Spirit
Relive the NBA spirit with this awesome game. All you need to do is to m...

SuperSpeed One on One Soccer
Play head to head in this exciting Soccer match game!

Home Run Boy
Hit as many home runs as possible. Watch out for those flaming fast balls.

Bowling Master
A classic bowling game to play! Have fun!

The Big Uglies
Dig up your shoulderpads and jockstrap. Or even better, get yourself med...

Elastic Soccer
Enjoy soccer at its best! Play as the blue set of players. If you hit a ...

Extreme Luge Canyon
Luge down the canyon road and keep from hitting the walls. Careful it's ...

Pin Pals
A nice, little, online flash version of bowling where you play against a...

3D Rally Racing
Select your ride and hit the heavy terrain with your rally car.<br>...

Get in Goal
Attend a training of FulhamUSA and practice some of your soccer skills. ...

Super Crazy Baseball Maniac Deluxe
This is the craziest and funniest baseball game ever as you try first to...

Show Jumping
In this competition, horses will jump over fences, low walls and other o...

The Kickoff
Kick the ball as far as possible with 4 chances.

%!&y Football
Play a game of football in this awesome game. Would you be able to defea...

VXR Racer
Race Vauxhall's top-end VXR models.<br><br>You can challenge...

Golden Arrow 2
Show up your bow skills in this exciting archery game. You must have a h...

Garfield's Ping Pong
Play a nice game of Ping Pong with Garfield and his pals.

Tom and Jerry Bowling
Play a game of bowling with Tom and Jerry. Just click the mouse when the...

VR World Cup Soccer Tournament
Join the world tournament of soccer. Just choose your team and your comp...

League Bowling
This is a very cool and funny bowling game. Just set your player's posit...

Shootin' Hoops
Maneuver your player past your opponents and you can press two keys at o...

Swiss Snowboard Box
Select your track sessions with the help of the different icons. Collect...

Rufus Snow Ride
Go down slope and gain points by making some stunts.

GWA Wrestling Riot
A wrestling game but simplify this one its more like scissor, paper, sto...

Kuzco Quest for Gold
Complete events good enough to progress to the next sports event.

Hot Blood Boxing
A great stress reliever! Box against the computer or bring in a friend.

Zidane Head Butt Game
You've seen the head butt, now you can do it. Show 'em your best header.

Puff Daddy Punchout
Do your best knock Puff Daddy out. Well he is known as P Diddy right now...

Chicken Table Hockey
Can you beat a chicken in table hockey ? Lets find out.

Scooby Doo Kickin It
Bounce the ball as many times as Scooby Doo and keep the soccer ball fro...

High Dive Hero
Wanna join the olympics high diving competition? Well now you can with t...

The objective of the game is to shoot the basketball as many as you can.

Motorcycle Racer
Drive in 3 different races in the least possible time and become the mos...

Taz Football Frenzy
Its not basketball , its not football its taz ball! A funny rugby game w...
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