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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Series Games

Yetisport Icicle Climb
construct a stair to let the penguin climb up as high as possible.

Bike Mania On Ice
The third Bike Mania game has finally arrived with much more fun on ice!...

Naruto Dodging Game
Help Naruto dodge all the falling objects for as much as possible to get...

Tom and Jerry Bowling
Play a game of bowling with Tom and Jerry. Just click the mouse when the...

Bloons Player Pack 1
The newest in the series of Bloons is even more fun with user-created le...

Scooby Doo 1000 Graveyard Dash
Run as fast as you can through the graveyard.

Scooby Doo Snack Machine
Click on the gears or conveyor belts to guild the treats to Scoobies mouth.

Scooby Doo Ghost in the Cellar
Scooby and Shaggy are hiding in the cellar. Dress them up to blend in wh...

Scooby Doo - Daphnes Fight for Fashion
Fight the voodoo people as Daphne. Kick, punch, and dodge to stay alive.

Scooby Doo - Velma Vision
You are given a glimpse at a face, then you must remember and recreate it.

Scooby Doo Pinball
Play a game of pinball with themed with Scooby Doo characters.

Scooby Doo Highway Smash
Help Scooby drive the Mystery Machine through the highway and avoiding c...

Scooby Doo Graveyard Scare
elp Shaggy avoid the falling Tombstones by moving left and right and fin...

Scooby Doo Monster Madness
Help Scooby shoot all the monsters on his way to reach the end.

One Man's Doomsday 2
The bloody doomsday of one stickman has finally got a sequel with more a...

Scooby Doo: The Last Act
Escape from the ghost in your little boat. Avoid rocks and grab picks to...

Sponge Bob SquarePants Ship O Ghouls
Keep moving down to stay in the water. If SpongeBob gets out of the wate...

Scooby Doo Curse of Anubis
Move the pyramid stones as Scooby and Shaggy.

Nimian Flyer I
This is the first game of the two part Nimian Flyer series. This dragon ...

Scooby Doo's Big Air 2: Curse of the Half Pipe
Skate the half pipe as Scooby or shaggy, pick your board and the halfpip...

Perry the Perv 2
Perry's back and he is still a pervert.

Sponge Bob Shell Throwing
A quick and short game of tossing shells to Patrick within the timelimit.

The first half of the Reverb game. You wake up and have to figure out wh...

Reverb 2
The Second half of the creepy action packed puzzle game that got us all ...

Scooby Doo: Shaggys Midnight Snack
Place the hand signals in the boxes where you want shaggy to turn to fin...

Wiggi Rescue
Jump up on ice platforms as they fall. Rescue the sleeping wiggies as th...

Sponge Bob SquarePants Bumper Subs
Direct SpongeBobs sub and bump into other subs. Avoid whales and other s...

Scooby Doo Ripping Ride
One of the hardest Scooby Doo games out there. Try to balance Scooby on ...

King of Fighters XS Ultimatum
Best and Newest Version of the Classic King of Fighters Series game incl...

Bloons Tower Defense
Stop the bloons escaping by building towers next to the maze.

Bleach Training II
This is the sequel to the cool and awesome Bleach training series where ...

Scooby Doo Castle Hassle
Drop items on the ghosts while avoiding dropping anything on members of ...

Scooby Doo Kickin It
Bounce the ball as many times as Scooby Doo and keep the soccer ball fro...

Scooby Doo: Big Air Snow Show
Time for Scooby and Shaggy to snowboard and catch some big air on anothe...

Covert Front
You are a top secret agent code-named Kara in an alternate history versi...

Super Wiggi-Ball
Jump up with different moves and hit the balls that are shot out at you.

Totally Spies Shooter
Shoot the things that popup. Hurry, they disappear fast. Shoot them in o...

The objective is to infiltrate the heavilly guarded building with camera...

Silhouette 2
Silhouette 2 is the second edition of the topdown flash game where you h...

Bratz Babyz Ponyz Styling
Choose your pony and give him a makeover. Every Ponyz needs a styling ma...

School Flirting Game
Walk through your school, flirt with all the boys and score points.

Create a Ride: Version 2
Select a car and modify it using the arrows on the right.

Naruto Character Dressup
Dress up your favorite Naruto characters with different styles of costum...

Bratz Babyz Fish Tanks
You'll have lots of fun with your fishy friends if you feed them and kee...

Scooby Doo - Pirate Ship of Fools
Watch the scenes for valuable clues and collect inventory items to help ...

Scooby Doo - Terror in Tikal
Guide Scooby and Shaggy in another coolness-threatening adventure and co...

Bratz Makeover Game
This cool Bratz game will have you dressing up your doll of choice in th...

Bombay Taxi 2
20 levels of parking your car in hard to reach spots. Watch out for trains!

Sue Dating Machine
Match as many couples as possible by building a pipeline!

Sue Doll Maker
Help Sue make as many dolls as possible by choosing clothes and putting ...

Wiggi Walk
Walk around the levels grabbing the fruit as a Wiggi of your own design.

Adventures of Gunther The Wiggi
Push boxes and buttons and jump from platform to platform grabbing coins...

Sue's Dating Dress up
Help Sue choose clothes for her first date.

Sue's Theater Make Up
Can you help Sue make up before she gets late to the cinema?

Gimme 5 Again
Here is another addictive game where you have to compare two pictures an...

Gimme 5 Movie
Spot the five differences in the two movie pictures. You have a joker to...

Totally Spies Dress Up
Dress up the Totally Spies girls according to the mission that they are ...

Gimme 5
Spot the difference on the two pictures. Click the right picture if you ...

Scooby Doo and the Creepy Castle
Scooby has three tries to find the gang. You lose a try if Scooby's frig...

Stabika 2
Help Kade live through everything the corporation can throw at him.

Sue's Dog Beauty Salon
Look at the picture and give every dog a proper makeover by using the sh...

Nightmares: The Adventures 1 - Broken Bone's Complaint
The first chapter of Nightmare series is here. You must help Victor face...

Nightmares: The Adventures 2 - Who Wants To Frame Hairy De Bully?
The next chapter of Nightmare series is here. Again, you must help Victo...

Nightmares: The Adventures 3 - The Baron Of Vermin Famine
The third chapter of Nightmare series is here. You must help Victor face...

All Monster Attack!

Sue Friend's Dress up
Dress up Sue's friend just as you like!

Tom and Jerry Painting
Color the picture of Tom and Jerry.

Bratz Kidz Getting Ready
Look at the picture and find all the pieces of clothes the girl is wearing!

Alkie Kong 2
Pickup and throw boxes in this sidescroller to solve puzzles and reach s...

Alkie Kong
Like the classic game of Donkey Kong.

Sue Chocolate Candy Maker
Use the candy machine and help Sue make as many candies as possible!

Sue Tomato Factory
Make as many bottles of ketchup as possible by growing your tomatoes and...
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