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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Series Games

Peppy's Rebecca Taylor Dress Up
Let Rebecca and her hot bod show you whats going down in the runway.

Peppy's Angelina Jolie Dress Up
Her Angelina to be hot and #&?y for Brad c

Peppy's Britney Spears Dress Up
get her prep up before the court hearing begins.

Peppy's Jennifer Lopez Dress Up
J.Lo is waiting for tonight to party and it's your job to dress her up.

Peppy's Paris Hilton Dress Up 2
Help Paris get ready again and dress her up.

Greek Salad
Help Abuela make a Greek Salad

Sue's Sandwich Shop
Help make some delicious sandwiches.

Lovele 3
Help our new you cover girl to her fashion spread.

Peppy's Abigail Clancy Dress Up
Help these hot and sultry beauty to the catwalk.

Peppy's Beyonce Knowles Dress Up
Help Beyonce shine like no other by helping get the right clothes.

Peppy's Cameron Diaz Dress Up
Cameron D is on a mission with some other angels. Help get dress up for ...

Sue Jewel Maker
Keep up and design the jewelry. Don't let empty jewelry pass off the scr...

Peppy's Harry Potter Dress Up
Daniel is going to his premiere night help him get dress up for the ladies.

Peppy's Hilary Duff Dress Up
Hilary has new movie, help her get dress up for her new film.

Peppy's Jessica Dress Up
Get this Disney Bombshell all dress up for the show.

Beavis and Butt-Head: Court Chaos
Order in the court! Actually, there's no order in this court. None whats...

Beavis and Butt-Head: Bug Justice
The bugs are coming! And they want your damn candy, dumb-ass. Make them ...

Peppy's Pamela Anderson Dress Up
Get these blond bombshell get prep up for her night out.

Peppy's Tobey Maguire Dress Up
His spidey sense says his out of style. Can you help get back to fashion?

Peppy's Shakira Dress Up
Her hips don' t lie and dress her up.

Peppy's Lindsay Lohan Dress Up
Help Lindsay get back to her Groove.

Peppy's Kate Moss Dress Up
Get this suburban chic all dress up for her movie premieres.

Peppy's Britney Spears Dress Up 2
Help Britney get back to her superstar look.

Peppy's Elisha Cuthbert Dress Up
Get our 24 hottie for the red carpet.

Peppy's Will Smith Hancock Dress Up
Help our hero to his new movie.

Peppy Aries Girl
Dress an Aries girl for luck.

Peppy Gemini Girl
Give this lovely gem star dress that she deserve.

Peppy Taurus Girl
Want to know what kind dresses a Taurus girl should were? Lets find out.

Peppy Aquarius Girl
The stars are align for her fabulous day.

Peppy Capricorn Girl
Her Star is ripe for the picking and it' s her time to shine.

Peppy Leo Girl
Bring out the lion inside these pretty kitty.

Peppy Libra Girl
Balance the grace and beauty in her style

Peppy Sagittarius Girl
Release the bull out of these bombshell beauty.

Peppy Scorpio Girl
Don't let her sting fool. Dress her up a see her inner beauty.

Peppy Virgo Girl
Go Dress ms Virgo up.

Tutti Cuti: The Ice Cream Parlour 2
Give the customers at your ice cream stand what they order to be success...

Sue's Diet
Sue feels a bit fat. Help her choose the right foods. The light shows yo...

Peppy's Aishwarya Rai Dress Up
Help these Indian beauty get prep up for bolliwood.

Peppy's Halle Berry Dress Up
Help Cat Woman get ready to do action.

Sue: Leah's Confrontation Syuwa
Help Sue cook for her boyfriend.

Sue: Syuui magical transformation
Help make a potion that will transform her into a Sue look alike

Peppy's Sienna Miller Dress Up
Help these model/actress do her stuff in the red carpet

Sue: Syuui Uisangsil
Design the right clothing for her new hairstyle.

Wiggi Apple Catch
Use arrow keys to move.

Become a ninja Wiggi in this stealth game...

Holly Hobbie: Attic Treasures
Go find valuable treasures in the attic.

Wiggi Fireman Defense
Wiggi defense game for kids!

Wiggi Dishwasher
Dirty dishes Scrub away at those dishes!

Holly Hobbie Lemon
Help Holly Hobbie and her friends run their lemonade stand by completing...

Wiggi Pet Rescue
Reflex based game based on knowledge of colors.

Wiggi Food Fall
Help farmer ben feed his family!

Crazy Flasher
Defeat all enemies and stay alive for as long as possible.

Peppy's Celine Dion Dress Up
Dress these beautiful diva for her concert.

Peppy's Anne Heche Dress Up
Help these director/actress prepare for the red carpet.

Peppy's Demi Moore Dress Up
Help these hot steaming lava of beauty get prp up to the red carpet.

Bratz Dress Up
Help the gang get prep up for night out.

Mini Paint 2
Paint this cute anime couple.

Mini Paint 3
Color and give life to this cute ballerina.

Sue Chocolate
Help sue make tasty chocolates and turn her into a very beautiful woman.

Star Stylin 2
Dress a star the second time around.

Mimi Barbie Puzzle
Complete this adorable puzzle.

Mimi Barbie Puzzle 2
Complete this puzzle cute puzzle.

Peppy's Aaliyah Dress Up
Dress this former RnB star turned angel up.

Peppy's Jennifer Love Hewitt Dress Up
Help our Ghost Whisperer get ready for the night out.

Barbie Puzzle 2
Complete this Barbie for you before the time runs out

First Person Shooter In Real Life 3 Game
Walk in this has and shoot all the little boys that get in your way.

First Person Shooter In Real Life 4 Game
A shooting and decision making game made will live footage. Sweet!

The Strangers 2
New maps, new strategic positions and a different quest. You are on your...

Colouring 1
Practice your coloring skill and this picture.

Colouring 2
Have fun with colors and turn this canvas into an art piece.

Barbie Puzzle 3
Help finish the puzzle in very fast way.

Peppy ' s Ellen Degeneres Dress Up
Help our favorite host get ready for her show.
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