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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: 1 Player Games

Put an Emo in your pocket! Take care of your little sad dude. Or not. It...

Arny's Battle 2
Arny's back and this time hes got a rhino to ride

Tank Forces
Similar to "Truth Battle" except this time you have a tank. Get in the t...

Cowboy School
Train Your Aim and Shoot

Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary
Setup items and objects that keep the towns people from reaching your ca...

Xantsu: The Awakening
A nice sidescrolling shooter with guns and swords. Take down those nasty...

Halloween Hocus Pocus
Jessica Witch has mistakenly transformed all her pals into real monsters...

Hamburger Girl
Make hamburgers identical to those shown in the upper left corner.

Street Fashion Dress up
Choose best clothes for this girl.

EgoCity Last Chance
An interactive recreation of the final battle of EChapter V-2.

Feudalism is an strategy/RPG with open world, so you can go wherever you...

The Bloodinator
Halloween and it is time for the pumpkins revenge in a night of horrors.

Dinner Decoration
Decorate the dinner table using the items given.

Halloween House Makeover 2
Decorate this house as scary as possible.

Monkey Kart
Jimmy Bananas needs to reach the finish in a spectacular race. There are...

Catch the Chicks
Catch all the chicks into their hen house.

Pit Dwellers
Shoot the scary creatures that are emerging from the pit. Careful, they'...

Anime Dress up 3
What clothes will be the most suitable for this anime girl?

Sponge Bob SquarePants Boo or Boom
Play Mr. Squarepants or someone else in this funny Halloween game which ...

Hansel and Grethel Decoration
Help Hansel and Grethel decorate the gingerbread house with sweets and c...

Stage Gown Dress up
This young singer must look good on the stage, can you help her choose t...

Doll Dancer Dress up
Choose the best costume for your doll dancer.

Motocross FMX
Impress the judges with your freestyle tricks. Make the crowd go wild by...

Cannon Chaos
Shoot down all the incoming enemy vehicles that are trying to attack you...

Sunday Driver Remix
Drive down the street and take out the cop cars. Watch out for the helic...

Island Fishing
Fish while stuck on an island. Catch the food needed to survive. Miss to...

For Masquerade Parties
Did you attend any Halloween masquerade parties? Let's take a look at ho...

Mountain Falls
Ski down the mountain at extreme speeds while doing tricks as you go off...

Pumpkin Blaster 2
Shoot as many floating pumpkins as humanly possible. Try not to miss a s...

Wendell Baker Story
Free three prisoners and get back to the van avoiding the shoots.

Halloween Adventure
A somewhat difficult Halloween action game. Time your jumps and actions ...

Gavin The Pro Golf Goblin Halloween Toure
Time to beat some zombie golfers over the head with your club. Then play...

Bratz Kids Racing Starz
Look for the yellow star and try to get there before your opponent.

Monster Hunt
Shoot arrows at your objective and go to the next level!

The Pulpifier
Shoot the zombies, ghosts, and pumpkins. Try not to let anything escape ...

Pimp my Mobile Phone
Change the mobile phones just as you like using the accessories given.

TV Casting Makeover
Change her look and help her win the casting!

Jeans and Bags Make over
Choose the best flares for this girl and give her a makeover!

Ballerina Dress up 2
Choose the best costume for this pretty little ballerina.

Haunted House Candy Hunt
A platform jumper with a Halloween theme. Jump on objects and jump over ...

Haunted House Massacre
Explore the creepy house as you look for your friend. Find her before th...

Gimme Candy
Fight the kids trick or treating and send them to the ground as you take...

Roll Roll Roll
Roll the ball along the pathway. Don't go to fast your the ball will kee...

Fairy Fishing
Help the gnome fishing some fairies with his fishing rod.

Dreams Chapter 1
An Action, Rpg, Adventure. You have to control two guys with different a...

High D
Run and jump and collect stuff in different levels as High D.

Saving Wade 3
You'll have to save him! Jump and run as a robot and dodge enemies and s...

Galactic Neighbour Arcade
The Aim of the game is to shoot the incoming invaders before they kill you.

The Show
In this game you have balls which you'll need to command the guys.

Head Of God
Put Zindadil Zha's head to good use!

Vigilante Cop
Your only mission is revenge. Your only weapon is your anger. Play Now!

The Great Indian Arranged Marriage
Celebrate the sacred union of two hearts.....The Indian Way!

Casanova Kisser Game
Play to become the best kisser ever!

Encounter Specialist
Clean up the scum of the country

Halloween Dolly
Dress up Halloween Dolls in numerous of unusual outfits, modify her hair...

Terrorlympics: Bullet Proof Punk
Try to dodges the bullets from the firing squad.

Sugar Power Program
Help the girl reach to greater height by jumping onto the rock.

Earth Rock Hunter
Earth has exploded and you must collect all the priceless rocks flying t...

Hinting Wolf Legend
This is a very lovely shooting game. Shoot all the wolf jumping off from...

Spell Racer
Collect charms and potions. Take a miss on the ghosts, jack-o-lanterns a...

Age of War
Through five different ages of evolution, you must survive by attacking ...

Tankmen Zombie Attack
Protect your tower by shooting all the zombies attacking. Don't miss any...

Heist II: Greed is Hell
Make your way through the rooms, unlocking, and stealing whatever you ca...

Bullet Time Witch
Fly on your broom grabbing as many pumpkins as possible, while dodging t...

Super B
Fly and shoot the entire war zone that's in front of you. Soldiers, tank...

This game is the sequel to IndestructoTank. There´s a lot of new feat...

Operation R.A.I.L

Power Force
Shoot all incoming enemies in this cool action shoot em up games.

Photographer Dress up
Dress this young photographer in a nice clothes.

Naughty Classroom
You don't need good marks to top this class, just a wicked mind! Point a...


Perfect Match Dress up
These young people need some trendy clothes!
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