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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: 1 Player Games

D-Fence 2
Build a base and defend from green army.

Sky Firefighter
Stop fire from spreading using this firefighter plane!

Angel Power Racing
Nice graphic cartoon racing! Collect coins as you evade the obstacles!

Bootsys Return
Bootsy got lost in the city! Help her get home to her owner Evan before ...

SteppenWolf (Chapter 2 - Episode 2)
The Tibetan temple is attacked! Steppen Wolf is trapped inside! Find the...

SteppenWolf (Chapter 1 - Episode 2)
You awaken in a tribal village. Derek your assistant is nowhere to be fo...

Halfpipe Challenge
Ride your board and pull some tricks

PGX Snowboarding
Try to pull some tricks as you slide your board on the snow!

Get a Grip!

Park A Lot 2

Break into people's houses to loot their jewelry and other precious item...

Kim Vs Abubo

The Good Ghost
Play as a good ghost and rescue your kids from evil ghost!

Pig on the Rocket
Thrust your way a you collect all the fruits while riding the rocket!

Acro Bowling
Practice your bowling skills with this online 10 pin bowling game.

Down Boy
Help your character go down in this dragonball inspired game

Red Plane II
The red plane is back, hero of the skies will bring down once again to a...

El Emigrante
Try to evade the cops as long as posible!

SteppenWolf (Chapter 4 - Episode 4)
SteppenWolf is descending in the deep blue. Unknown to him, the Dagger L...

Mobile Weapon
Pilot your Mobile Adaptive Weapon into combat equip weaponry and armor, ...

Dice Wars
Similar to the popular board game: Risk. Conquer all territories.

Emerald Thief
Great adventure: find the keycodes and steal the emerald jewel but you s...

Alien Attack
This game is a shooting game and your objective is to shoot and destroy ...

Easter Egged
You have 60 seconds to save the poor bunny from being clobbered by the u...

Franky the Fish
Franky is on a mission to eat the world!

Rule the Beach Volleyball

Bubble Bobble The Revival
This is the flash version of the classic Bubble Bobble game where you ha...

Time Fighter

Pong Pong Revolution

XXXL Burger
Try to make some burgers according to the recipe!

Pang 2004
Shoot the bubbles so that they split in two, until there are none left o...

Apple Hunt
Throw apple in the basket to move to next level!

Digininja Level 1
Go through the levels slice up enemies with your sword and collect the f...

Wire Skeleton
An awesome skeleton puppet drag holders to make him move!

Slam Dunk
Try to shoot as many balls as you can!

Operation Overdom
Infiltrate enemy base!

Alpine Escape
Use your mouse to move the motorcycle, catch the maidens falling from th...

The Goat in the Grey Fedora
Play as a detective and gather all clues to solve the crime!

Nightmare House
Solve the puzzle in this terrifying game based on the famous movie Night...

Based on the movie firewall

The Lord of the Harpoon
Feed your wife and don't let her die in starvation!

Safari Park Apeldoorn
Ride the jeep as long as you can!

Looney Lagoon
Sink your opponents rafts before he sinks yours!

Police Chopper

Bulls Eye

Bloody Rage
Fight your opponent using your favorite super hero!

All Star Skate Park
Pull some tricks using your skateboard!

Your task is to feed the eagle and stay alive! There is only one rule Bi...

Boneless Girl
Hilarious! Strange! Funny! Try it yourself!

Action Driving Game
Adrenalin rush game base on action movie transporter!

Skilled Parker
Try to park your car perfectly within 60 seconds without getting your ca...

Divine Intervention
When the earth and the good people cannot take any more, they need Divin...

Musco Morpha
Play as a bug hero and kill all bees!

Neo-Geo Bowling

Table Hockey

Candy Man
Fun and bouncy adventure game with lots of levels. bounces, nad things a...

Sweet Ride Skate
Ice Cream!

Blob Wars

Cyber Swat
Crush all your enemy with your awesome robotic suit!

Bumper Craft
Navigate your bumper craft and find the exit!

Robo Slug
Destroy all enemy robots!

Final Defense II Last Stand
Final Defense 2 Last Stand: the sequel to the popular Final Defense seri...

Magic Library
Press the keys matching to the ones falling in the game.

Rumble Ball Field 1
Break boxes and collect beads by striking the ball!


Try to swing as far as you can!

Dancing Blair
Hilarious game where you can make Prime Minister Tony Blair dance!

Found Lost
Search through this scary house for clues and mysteries as to the owner'...

Firestorm 2
A series of very quick and fun mini games!

SteppenWolf (Chapter 3 - Episode 3)
Episode 3 of the Heruka! Try to get to the secured room on the top of th...

Raiders of the Lost Bark
The forest of Congo are under threat! Help our hero Congo Jones save the...

Beaver Blast
Your goal is to shoot the beaver into the water tin.
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