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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: 1 Player Games

Hamster Ball Advance Tracks
Reach the orange flag as fast as possible.

Dancing Girl Dressup
Try to score 100 if you can.

Beautiful Eyes
Lets try to makeover this girls and look more beautiful.

Go to the termination in a limited time, make more freestyles as much as...

Shopping Girl Dress Up
She is going shopping! Choose a right dress so she feel comfortable.

Free Run
React to key prompts and don't stop running! Faster your time higher you...

Eon Energy Champions
Help the environment by segregating the garbage being thrown.

Juicy Fruit Gum: Greedy Pinatas
Beat this crazy pinatas up.

Smash-Up Saddam
Make Saddam talk and do whatever it takes.

Sheert Wilders
Catch a shaver and a hair dye as many as you before you turn into a drif...

Master and Commander
It's a battle between you and a fellow rival ship.

Trouble Fright Club
Kill 100 demons to call on your supernatural powers.

Defeat all enemies that comes in your way. Stay alive for as long as pos...

Banger Racing
Risk your life and take a chance to become a champion sausage jockey, ra...

Ultimate Defense
A defense game with Mages, Archers, and Ninjas instead of turrets and to...

Pirates of the Carribean: Spin or Sink
Collect gun powder and 100 souls. Also beat the monster and survive.

Donuts Mania
Manage the donut shop as you build donuts to your customers specs. Don't...

Easter Rampage
In Easter Rampage, you must crush animals and humans and process them fo...

Road Attack
Steer your car on the road as you shoot enemies and dodge their fire.

FMX Team
A sweet game of performing motorcycle stunts over jumps as you compete o...

Blind Swordsman
Slice and dice all attacking ninjas that would hurt your blind ninja.

Piglet's Big Movie - Honey Harvest
Help Piglet collect honey from the hive and also avoid bumping into a ki...

Pop Star
Give the clothing that will help her impress the judges.

Child's War
Girls had a great summary in uncle's house. They love to have a running ...

Aero Acrobat
Try to fly though all the rings, destroy balloons and make some amazing ...

Perry the Perv 3
Perry gets a sneak peek, Hollywood style!

Perry the Perv
Look at the lady's heart. The more you stare, the more perv points you a...

Escape From Scientology Land - Level 2: The Land of Tom Cruise
Face the evil Cruise in the second part of the Escape From Scientology L...

Cat Angel Cookie Rescue
Avoid items the mouse is throwing and carry cookies from the box on the ...

Mighty Spidy
Use your web to swing through the big human world and eat all the flies.

Pappaz Pizza
Try to keep your restaurant going for as long as possible- and don't mis...

Inuyasha Drerss Up
Kagome has taken Inuyasha shopping! help her pick out the perfect outfit...

Top Model Dress Up
Could she really be our next Top Model? Its all in your hands can you dr...

Super Headers
Use the arrow keys to move Stan. As the balls fall, place Stan underneat...

Zombie Assault
Shoot the zombies trying to attack your house. Earn money and buy new we...

Kookin Kidz
Catch little kids and drop them in the cooking pot.

Dressup Easter Bunny
Dress up this little girl for the happy easter celebration.

Give this couple a great attire while they are singing.

Find The Hero
Match the exact same hero given to you before time runs out.

Mame - Do
Pick up the beans by using the chopstick and move its to the different p...

Abbatti's Pizza
Create different kinds of pizza and stop the pest trying to get a bite t...

Find The Treasure
Help the Pirates get their treasure.

Web Trading Cars Chase
Race around the track as you try to win the race against the computer pl...

Unicorns and Hand Grenade
Throw the grenades just far enough and lead the unicorns just enough to ...

Wedgie Toss 2
Launch the man as far as possible by giving him the best wedgie you can.

Silver Arrow
Cruel Joe has held your Princess hostage. As Prince Charming, you have t...

Devils and Cupid
The Devils have caught the Cupid and taken it in their pit. You have to ...

Candy Land Dress Up
Find some sweet clothes for this girl. Make her look pretty.

Dressup Bulma
Meet Bulma, one of the prominent character in Dragon ball Z. Choose a ni...

Dressup Chi Chi
Dressup Chi Chi in a nice dress that would fit her body.

Dressup Bee
Dress up this cute little girl the way you like.

GH Racer
Drive your way down the road obstacles and have fun!

Sniper:Demonic Osbournes
The Osbournes have gone demonic. So pick up your gun and shoot them down.

Lazy 1
Do some nonsense during work and aoid getting caught.

Lazy 2
Do your lazyness inside the airplane.

Escape From Scientology Land - Level 3: The Return of L. Ron Hubbard
Here is the third – and final – part of our Escape From Sc...

Mud and Blood Vietnam
Your unit is at a rural location in Vietnam. The mission, Fight the loca...

Apple Shooter
Shoot the apple off the head of the other dude

Make Me Over
Make them look perfect for the evening.

Blast Master
Your task as Blast Master is to destroy as many enemy trucks, airplanes,...

Label Fashion Dress Up
Like dropping those names? Don't like to be seen in anything but designe...

Geography Game: Europe
The map isn’t that geographically accurate. It’s good for ...

Hangman Plus
See if you can save this stick figure from certain doom as you fumble yo...

Hang The Alien
Old school hangman isn’t good enough for some people. Now, we hav...

Rubic Cube
The game is simple. Solve the puzzle just like old school.

Sousa Palooza
It’s raining instruments and musical notes. Shoot back and clear ...

Move around levels and slice up the enemies as you find icecream cones a...

RedLynx Trials
Keep your motorcycle balanced as you travel through 7 hard levels. Good ...

Terrible Triplets
Can you manage the baby triplets as you try to keep them happy and not c...

Random Defence
Yet another variation on the tower defense games.<br><br>Thi...

Habbo Hotel - Youth Club
Manage a youth club inside Habbo Hotel.

Super Bike X
Ride your bike and do wicked sick style of biking.
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