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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: 1 Player Games

Fork your barbecue with a stick before it's too late.

Try to get as many Wooglings to the goal as you can.

Diamond Valley 2
Line up your diamonds and jewels to clear the unmovable blocks to procee...

Robot War Strategy
Send your robots out in waves on certain paths to attack the incoming en...

Premiere League Foosball
Knock the soccer ball between your players and into the enemies goal to ...

Duck Fight

Beer Trapper Gone Wild
Be the fastest barman in the South in this beer-flinging test of speed a...

Tomboy Princess
Help this girl choose what the best princess outfit.

Fairy 40
Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.

Fairy 41
Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.

Move On Up
Move up by jumping over speakers. The higher you reach up the higher the...

Fanta Factory Defender
Build towers along the road to defend the factory. Click on a tower you ...

Show Hair Make Over
Make over this cute girl. Time for some fresh new look!

Angel Style Dress Up
Help this angel choose a nice dress to wear.

Fashion Angel Dress Up
Find the perfect outfit to complement Natalia's wings for her funky ange...

Cavern Run
Help Ben collect items and get across the obstacles.

Ninja Hunter
Type the words that appear next to the attacking ninjas. Type slower for...

Peppy Aquarius Girl
The stars are align for her fabulous day.

Peppy Cancer Girl
help these zodiac chic get ready to blast stars away.

Peppy Capricorn Girl
Her Star is ripe for the picking and it' s her time to shine.

Worm Craft

Extreme Egg Toss
Show the world how good you are in tossing and catching eggs.

Tricky Duck Volleyball
Hit the volleyball onto your opponents side and keep it from hitting you...

Kill the Dragons
Slay the dragons and fight fire with fire.

Uni Day Dress Up
Get Miranda ready for her first day at Uni!

Sunshine Dress Up
Its a beautiful summers day,dress over the doll for a lovely summers day...

Uniwar - The Lost Civilization
A shoot em up space fighter game.

Dress Chibi
Dress this cute Chibi girl.

Europe Wind Dress Up
Help this European girl choose a nice and elegant European look.

Bowling Night Dress Up
Rania is going out bowling with her friends. Will you help her pick out ...

Peppy Leo Girl
Bring out the lion inside these pretty kitty.

Peppy Libra Girl
Balance the grace and beauty in her style

Peppy Pisces Girl
Unleash the beauty of these mermaid to world.

Filomena likes to try on different clothes in her room. She spends hours...

Pink Car
How fun! At last, a car game for girls. Move the cursor to get all the g...

You need to throw this javelin as far as you can. Hit the mouse to jump ...

Here we play a new game; chicken-mini-golf. Choose which direction to hi...

The Great Giana Sisters
Retroflash! Some of you might still know this game from the C64. Here's ...

Mysteries of Horus
Take a symbol from the conveyor and place it in gap in a row. You can dr...

Mega Ryder
Drive your scooter on the road but avoid different obstacles such as cat...

Pink Hearts Dress Up
Ariel loves to wear girly clothes. Help her pick an outfit for her garde...

Sonic Maze Craze
Sonic has lost his shoes in the desert mazes of Sand oasis. Luckily you ...

Pink Heart Dressup
She has a collection of lovely dress with flowers and beads. Pink color ...

Chic Weekend Casual
This hot chick is looking for a suitable dress for a weekend casual meet...

Reunion Dress Up
Help Andrea pick out a glamorous outfit for her university reunion in a ...

Summer Mini Skirt
Summer is really hot and so she must wear light and casual mini skirts a...

Vivid Dress
It's fun choosing colorful dress for this lovely lady! Dress her up in f...

Ice Skater Girl
This lovely girl loves to skate and pose along the skating rink. Can you...

Age Thu Khey Make Over
Makeover this girl and prepare her for a sweet sleep.

Fairy of March Flower Violet
Help the fairy girl choose a nice clothes that fits for her.

Autumn Season Dress Up
Dress her up and prepare this cute girl for autumn season.

Blue Dresses
Dress this girl in blue or any nice shirts that fits for her.

Super Mushroom Mario
Collect the mushroom and bring them to the castle.

Peppy Sagittarius Girl
Release the bull out of these bombshell beauty.

Peppy Scorpio Girl
Don't let her sting fool. Dress her up a see her inner beauty.

Peppy Virgo Girl
Go Dress ms Virgo up.

Reggae Fashion
This girl loves reggae music and loves to dress like her favorite artists.

Yuyu.tv Window Cleaner
You have to clean all the windows of this building. Be careful of people...

Tutti Cuti: The Ice Cream Parlour 2
Give the customers at your ice cream stand what they order to be success...

Sue's Diet
Sue feels a bit fat. Help her choose the right foods. The light shows yo...

This is a quite simple summer game! Let all kids jump into the swimming ...

City Under Siege
Your task is to destroy all tanks and protect command center. You have 3...

Fashion Show
Dress this girl and prepare her for a fashion show.

Colorful Dress Up
This girl needs some colorful clothes to make her happier.

Colorful Girl Dress Up
Camila is a student who works part time in her school's library. What sh...

Moto Rush
Drive your motorcycle down the street shooting enemies and avoiding thei...

School Girl Dress Up
This collection is for school girls to change their styles everyday goin...

Forever21 Fashion
Can you see a beautiful girl's walking in street? She's so young and att...

At Home Dress Up
What do you choose to dress up when staying at home? How can you choose ...

Slim and Pretty Dress Up
Green spring dresses with a slim and pretty lady are waiting for your he...

Hip Hop Dont Stop
Press the arrow keys to in the correct order to get the dancing going. S...

Penalty Game EK 2008
Adjust your angle and power and kick that soccer ball into the goal.
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