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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Flash Games

The Skull Kid
Fun, easy, Gory and Bloody good luck and enjoy the game

Swords and Sandals 2<br> **<b>Full Version</b>**
Your ultimate goal is to defeat all the arena champions and reign as cha...

Battle in Megaville
This is a fighting game based off of the story and characters of PPGD.&l...

Dynasty Street
Enter the Dynasty Street and battle your way through the hub and destroy...

Kitten Canons
Launch the kitten as far as possible.Just aim the cannon using the up/do...

Box Head - A Halloween Special
In this flash game, you are playing a Boxhead Halloween Special were you...

Alcohol and Ammo
We all know that alcohol can affect your aim, so take care when shooting...

Yahoo Tennis
A fast 3D tennis game that is funny and challenging. You control the mos...

3D Field Goal
The objective of the player is to complete each goal within the time lim...

3D Frogger
Use the arrow keys to maneuver your frog. Don't get hit by the cars or f...

A Wizards Tale
An interactive movie that puts you in control of the storyline. A 'point...

See how fast you can pop all the zits on this zit-face.

Aderans Forest
Kill all the enemies in the forest

Adventures of Buttlock
Each level plays completely differently, so try to get through the whole...

Air Defence 3
Sort of like missile command, but not quite. Lots to this cool shoot'em ...

Alien Hominid
Our UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you! Time to take th...

Alien Mayhem
Space State XII has reported some strange happenings. You are investigat...

Alpha Bravo Charlie
You're a pilot, you find yourself in the middle of many combat situation...

Anacroz Tactics
OK, this game is in Portuguese, but I think anyone can figure out how to...

Arcane Castle
The castle is under attack. Use your magic spells and athletics to save ...

Area: 41
Shoot the cybernetic machines, collect objects and cash for points.

Athalina RPG
Flash RPG with 46 equipable items, 10+ enemy types, 20+ quests, and much...


Balance War
Here comes a fun and bounce game where you use your mouse to move the se...

Balancing the Ball
The aim of the player is to move the ball along the tracks.

Ball Toucher
Collect all the white circles but stay away from the black ones.

Barbarian Bob
Transform yourself into a ruthless barbarian and slaughter your enemies.

Your goal is to score as many points before the time expires. If you can...

Battle City
You control the tank to defend the heart of city.

Be Bad
Try to solve your many problems throughout the day

Bean Hunter
Hunt down all the green beans

Bee Dodger
Fly and grab coins while dodging small bees, big bees, and bees that fir...

Black 2
Kill all the enemies and pick up weapons.

Your objective is to destroy all the asteroids to advance to the next level

Hit the ball before it reaches the top!

Blow up
The aim of the game is to clear the board from the coloful balls. You ca...

Boat Racing
Beat your opponent and collect as many ring as you can.

Boom Search
A find the word puzzle game. Addictive, simple and fun. Some levels will...

Box Head - The Rooms
You have a box head and you have to kill all the box head zombie type pe...

Boxing 2 x 2
The inquisitive person battles box, between two against a two! Prepare f...

Brekky Races
Race around the Breakfast table as quickly as you can and avoid obstacle

Bubble Elements
Another shoot the bubbles game, but this time around there's a lot of po...

Bubble Tanks
Bubble tank is an awesome shooter game with clean graphics, addictive ga...

Bull's Eye
The game rules are the same as a standard game of 501 darts. You must sc...

Bumper Cars Championship
Bumper Cars at their best. Drive into the other dodgems at full speed so...

Bush Versus Kerry
Play as either Bush or Kerry

Move the ring around the maze without touching the wire. You will need a...

Camera Killer
Ever wanted to take out your frustration on those annoying speed cameras...

Candy Cane Crisis
Play as good ol' Saint Nick in this mario-like platform game. Jump, doub...

Cat Bowling
Squash as many cats as possible. You've only got 10 frames-no more-so ma...

Chainsaw The Children
A really fun game and you can chainsaw as many people as possible.

In this kind of game you should have a good strategy, Your main objectiv...

Chase 2000
A great racing game from the tail-view angle. Try not to get too competi...

Cheese Hunt
Your objective is to find and eat all the cheese. You will be rewarded&l...

Cheetah Golf
Play up to 18 holes of mini-put golf with obstacles.

Chopper Drop
Drop bombs at building before you fly into them.

Classic Concentration
This variation of the original version allows you to change the names of...

Click Butt
Try to hit the butt with your finger bullets before poops drop in your f...

Clown Killer 2
Evil clowns have taken over the city streets and are on a murderous ramp...

Combat Instinct 2
Your ship was crash in the alien planet. Try to shoot all the aliens to&...

Commando 3
Strategy flash game. You must lead<br>your troops well to win the ...

Fly the copter as long as you can without crashing down

Corpse of the III Reich
This game is fictional and has no intention at all to express any politi...

In this flash game, you are playing volleyball with crabs.

Crazy Bike
Complete all three levels as fast as you can to be the best in the world...

Crazy Block Breaker
This is a simple version of the classic breakout game.

Crazy Chess
Defend your castle from the raging attacks of the black pawns. Capture t...

Adidas MegaBounce+ Game

Beavis & Butthead Hock-A-Loogie
Bomb dumb-asses with your loogies.

Turtle Herder
Direct the lost sea turtles into the beach. Use your mouse to guide the ...

Geography Game
Identify all of the US states, then countries in other continents.

Starcraft FA3
Base on the popular game Starcraft.
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