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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Flash Games

Coffee Tycoon
You run a coffee shop and it's your job to keep the business going.

Play the the Piano and create some good melody.

Bratz Love Meter
Want to know if the person your with is the one?

Tiny Tracks
Race around the track against the computer players on mutliple styles of...

Valentine Smash
The object of this game is to quickly align 3 or more flowers horizontal...

Flugtug Tournament
The aim of this game is to fire your flying machine as far as possible.

Pancake Cooking
It looks easy but you need to work to keep everyone happy and stay in bu...

Kimono Girl Dress Up
Dress up this girl in your favorite kimono.

Old flash retro remake of Galaga!

Pimp My Hummer
Change your hummer using the given parts.

Wishful Leap of the Ninja
You're a leaf jumping ninja. Jump on the leaves and get as high as possi...

Holiday Putt Putt
Watch your putting angles and try to hit the golf ball at just the right...

Winx Flight Training
Help Flora collect Flowers and avoid monster trees that she might bump a...

Winx Pixie Clone Capture
Pixie's Had multiplied and gone crazy. It's your job to catch them all.

Annie at The Disco
Dress Annie up and make as glamorous as she can be.

Universe Search
Try to reach the exit of each level in this logic game Universe Search. ...

Mud Bike Racing
Fight your way through all of the muck and the mud to show all of the ot...

Kore Kart
Race as fast as you can through the dirt roads while watching out for th...

3d Motorbike Racer
Throw on a helmet and get racing in this fast paced motorcycle game! Com...

Desert Race
Drive around rough desert circuit as fast as you can and see if you can ...

Try to jump on the wagons of the same color only and go to the next level.

Ask the Spirits 2
Ask the spirits your questions but be careful not to upset them!

The Ant Bully
Use your Silk Shooter to precisely fill in the holes and save the ant co...

Help Cupido catapult gifts at the lover and collect points before the ti...

Evening Gown Dressup
Dress up this girl in the most beautiful evening dress of all!

Basketball Shooting
Shoot the basketball at just the right time. Don't wait to long or you'l...

Escape The Uberkids
Shoot the attacking uberkids from all directions. Don't let them near yo...

Pushy Porkers
Play the Pushiest Porker in the Pig Pen in this fast-paced, ground-grind...

Traffic is snarled on a massive highway and no ones moving an inch but y...

Yuri Dress Up
Dress up little Yuri.

Nuri Dress Up
Dress her up and make her as pretty as she can be.

Dress Up Julieanne
Get Julieanne the perfect gown for the party.

Cosmic Terminex
Shoot your way through outta space in this new vertical scrolling shoot'...

Magic Tower
Get able to reach the top of the tower. Each door opens with the key of ...

Fairy 25
What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we drea...

Fairy 26
What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we drea...

Fairy 27
What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we drea...

Fairy 28
What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we drea...

Avoid the girls by chucking rocks, pencils, and garbage cans at them. Ta...

Lateral Collateral
Pass the ball as a new opponent appears to your friends and try to do to...

Ramone's House of Body Art
Paint this bunch of cars the way you want it.

Rhythm Revolution
Help Timmy, Cosmo and Wandra revive the town with rhythm and magic, and ...

Danny Phantom: Action Jack
Help Jack test his new weapon on the Fenton RV. Shoot at ghosts, ghost's...

Happy Tree Friends - Dynamit
Bounce the bundle of dynamite as many times as possible as you test your...

Supreme Extreme Snowboarding
Pull of awesome tricks as you go off jumps. Score enough points to move ...

Crazy Push Off
Use your hands and weapons to push your opponents off the cliff.

Wiggi Dance Academy
Follow the Wiggis dance moves. Try to keep up as she starts to really bu...

Reno 911 Excessive Force
You better do what Lieutenant Dangle says! This Sheriff's Department is ...

Submachine 5: The Root
Stay focused, find and use items and try to escape.

Simple Tower Defense 3
50 levels of an another tower defense game. Don't forget to setup air at...

Foxy Girl Dressup
Choose a nice costume for this charming foxy girl and save the image in ...

Pimp my Pimp
Dress this pimp guy up in some cool clothes.

Shoot the veggies at the incoming school kids. Starts off boring, but mo...

Treasure Seas Inc.
Dive your submarine for treasure. Get money from treasure to buy better ...

Collect as many jewels as possible, dodge other creatures while collecti...

Nacho Libre: Nacho Match-o
Win over the crowd and prove you're Muy Macho by matching the intimidati...

Battle of the Futurebots
Help Timmy build a robot and battle his way to the big brain to rescue C...

Bo-bobo Nose Hairs of Fury
Fight all enemies using your nose hair.

Big Monster Truck
The objective of the game is to finish the levels while doing big air. F...

Nacho Libre: Andale, Nacho, Andale
Take first place to advance to the next round.

Mickey and Friends Super Racer
A car game with Mickey and Friends. Collect the lightning volts to charg...

Collect all the dots to earn point but beware of the lizard, it's out to...

Midget Tossing
Move the mouse to change the angle. Press the space bar to toss. Your ta...

Level the City to secure your landing. Hit space to drop bombs.

Bloons Player Pack 2
Pop as many balloons as possible using the given darts.

Donald Ball
Perform some sick soccer ball trick.

Sam Surfing
Go to the goal and avoid to getting yourself hit.

Never Kart
Drive your kart to and earn some points but avoid bumping into anything ...

Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour 2: Co-Pilot Chaos
First choose the game's difficulty level. Secondly, choose between Jimmy...

Hyundai Racing
Drive this cool car to the finish line.

Otis' Chopper Challenge
Play as Otis and put the pedal to the metal to catch up to the picup tru...

Sewer Fever
The evil Han has locked up tanner's kung fu companions behind reinforced...
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