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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Flash Games

Valentines Day Chainsaw Massacre
Kick, punch, and chainsaw as you move through this sidescroller. Slide b...

Football Challenge
Kick the soccer ball and try to score against the goalie as you time you...

Habbo Luvboat
Move your boat around and collect Valentine items floating in the water.

Sky Diving Man
Grab the treats in the air, but dodge the birds. Grab as many goodies as...

Sweet Heart Dressup
Help the girl choose some nice clothes to wear on her first date.

Black and White Dressup
Help her choose some of these black and white clothes!

Pinky Girl
Dress up the Pinky Girl in various outfits, just drag and drop the items...

Little Sweetheart
Dress up the little sweetheart, try if the shoes fit on the little princ...

Barbie's Summer Dressup
Dress up this lady a nice summer dress.

Autumn Dressup
She is in the mood to wear an autumn dress. Choose the right one for her.

Black Beard's Island
Fire your cannon at the cannon balls and match colors to eliminate them ...

Quick n Mix
It's all about keeping enough sweets on hand for all your customers. Tha...

Bounce 2
Draw a line to bounce the ball. Bounce into certain objects, avoid others.

Quad Extreme Racer
Tilt and lean your quad four wheeler through 21 levels of obstacles to b...

Mermaid Rescue
Kill all the creatures that try to attack your mermaid. They come from a...

Emogotchi 2
Take care of your little Emo.

Slacker Adventure
You are a Slacker and your looking for ways to earn a living. Now live a...

Elysium Man
Elysium Man is cool stickman fighting game. You have to guide the hero t...

Pucca Funny Love
Find how they will end out kissing.

My Sweet 16
Help her get ready for he secret admirer.

My Sweet 16 Photoshoot
Help get ready for her magazine spread.

Super Mario World Flash
Mario Brothers fans, don't miss this excellent Mario platform action game!

Spaceman 2
Your mission is to save aliens on the distant planets.

You must reach the teleport ring getting through different obstacles on ...

Spaceman Ace
You are Stan Spaceman ace and your space base has been over-run by Mylan...

Free Online Makeover 2
An extremely good and free makeover game for you, Get the chick pimped u...

Stitch: Master of Disguise
When the Bounty Hunters come to Stitch's door, one of the pictures on th...

Dawn of Heroes
Select from the available superhero costumes, masks and armor and create...

Redhead Makeover
Now that this redhead is dress up, she needs help with her makeover!

Tip and Run
Push the energy blocks out the door before the time expires. Thereâ€...

Space Boy
Shoot everything that moves but beware! Aliens split in two several time...

Bomb Chain
Over 40 levels of unique puzzle game play. Try to blow up all the bombs ...

Penguin Diner
While on an Antarctic trek, Penny the Penguin goes off track and ends up...

Saw IV - Trapped
"Trapped turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience filled w...

Simple Tower Defense 2
Simple tower defense has just gotten so much more complex in this second...

Polar Express: Ticket Chase
Help our hero retrieve his ticket.

The Ads Team
Hit the baseball at the right angle and the right power so that it keeps...

Phineas and Ferb
In this funny cartoon style racing game you can design your own racing c...

Buddy in Space
A retro sidescrolling shooter in which you make your way to other planets.

Harry the Hamster 2
Make your way through pipes and labyrinths collecting stuff and using it...

Pokemon Trainer
Cool pokemon trainer with a ton of clothes and colors to choose from.

Keep the submarine from touching the sea walls as your sub rotates. Put ...

Parking Game
Try to park the long race car in spots. Careful not to bump anything. Yo...

Road Rage
Drive down the road as you dodge and shoot other vehicles. Your car take...

Vantage Point Split Second
Snipe all the shooters that pop out from the building windows. Don't sho...

Move around in the world of Diablo and grab potions and kill the hellish...

Goliath: The Soothsayer
Your brother has gone missing for over half a year ago and it is time to...

Catch A Smoochie
Avoid the falling broken hearts and catch as many kisses as you can in 3...

The Biker Feats
Try to show some brilliant feats on the courses of this new bike skill g...

The Unfair Platformer
It's not a bug, it's a feature! Keep this in mind when you play this *@%...

Elv Is Black 2
Stay away from the black critters as you try to get a bunch following yo...

Machine vs Machine
Shoot all incoming enemies and stay alive for as long as possible.

Shoot all enemies that come in your way and stay alive.

Help the kids next door drill deep into the earth to find and destroy th...

Monster Truck
Try to complete each level before the fuel runs out.

Speed Biker
If you like speed and motorbikes, this is a game for you. Ride your moto...

Ong's Sister Kitchen
Bake cookies and pastries before times run out.

Cookie Cutter: Twisted
Cut the crap and cut some cookies. How fast can you make perfect shapes ...

Fairy Cooking
Bake some cakes for your lovely customer.

Stock Market Suicide
The sen&&& is diving, and so are the people who invested in it!

Magic Baking
An interactive way for you to learn how to bake.

Make a Pizza
It's to make and bake a pizza.

Kung Fu Remix
Good remake of the original arcade hit which came out in the 1980s.

Mario's Adventure
Another flash version of Mario with a sequel you will enjoy this one!

A remake of starcraft in flash!

Urban Slug 2
Destroy all your enemies and free hostages!

Shoot the zombies in this first person shooter as you move forward and u...

Pimp My Enzo
If you are a Ferrari fan and you like car tuning, check out this game an...

Pimp My Lamborghini
This is a car game for those who love super cars and car tuning. Choose ...

The Fast and The Furious: Street Racer
Go for a time attack and find out how good are you when it comes to taki...

Motorbike Madness
Can you ride your bike on the hill without getting any accidents.

Medicine Service
You are a pharmacist and its your job to give your customer the right me...
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