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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Flash Games

Candy Dress Up 2
Choose a nice clothes and dress her up.

The Champions 2
Four groups. Sixteen teams. Bring your favorite one all the way to the f...

Kingdom Bow
Adjust angle, and power in this bow and arrow game with many options, in...

Dont Be Tired Dressup
This girl is tired. Spruce her up and get her ready to go out on the town!

Three Dancing Fairies
Three Dancing Fairies is an educational fun math game. The game has 3 le...

Starfox the Flash Version
Fly in this sidescroller as you shoot enemies, dodge fire, upgrade throu...

Vivian Dressup
Design a perfect look for Vivian.

Sports Girl Dressup
Choose a cool sports wear for our lovely sports girl.

Ice Creamed

Bucking Bull Racing
Think you're tough? Try riding two tons of angry meat! Beat the bulls to...

Wiggi Pet Rescue
Reflex based game based on knowledge of colors.

Wiggi Food Fall
Help farmer ben feed his family!

Thalassa is a young mermaid who lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Have fun...

Dress The Olsens
The NGO called PETA has launched a campaign against the twins because th...

Click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide ...

Skate Challenge
Ride the tube while collecting special items to get points. Avoid obstac...

American Racer
Pimp out this piece of fine American machinery.

French Maid
She is a cute french maid with a lots of dress to wear. Select the best ...

Gas Up
Rotate the pipes to get the gas to the vehicles on the other side. Don't...

Makeup Table 2
She's ready to groom up herself in her makeup table, can you help her?

Cannon Blaster 2
16 levels of shooting from cannon to cannon and even landing a ride on a...

Higglytown: Grocery A Go Go
Help buy the items on the shopping list by choosing items on the rack, H...

Adjust power and angle to fire at the enemy tanks. Watch that wind direc...

Higglytown: Higgly Ball
Pass the ball to earn points but you need to click 3 numbers to do that.

Dress Yotsuba Online
Yotsuba is drawn as a small girl with green hair done in four pigtail?, ...

Throw A Kiss
Throw a kiss at the sad boy to make him happy again! A funny mouse avoid...

Flower Girl Dress Up
This girl sets the trend in garden fashion. Try on different clothes for...

Trailer Park Racing 2000
To win the game you must jump over the obstacles in one of these excitin...

Crazy Flasher
Defeat all enemies and stay alive for as long as possible.

Tsuka Dress Up
Tsuka need your help to dress her up. Because much boy love her.

Winter Basics Dress Up
Prepare this girl for Winter time!

Mountain Dress Up
Dress up this cute doll for a snow mountain getaway.

Warfare Transporter
Destroy all the attacking submarines and planes in this action game.

Hire A Private Eye
Take a picture of the right people through their windows to move to the ...

Peppy's Celine Dion Dress Up
Dress these beautiful diva for her concert.

Peppy's Anne Heche Dress Up
Help these director/actress prepare for the red carpet.

Peppy's Demi Moore Dress Up
Help these hot steaming lava of beauty get prp up to the red carpet.

Bratz Dress Up
Help the gang get prep up for night out.

Fashion Face-Off
Find out how fashion savvy you really are.

This little girl loves chocolates. Decorate the boxes they've given to her.

Baby Blimp

Navy Girl Dress Up
Navy outfits can be classy too! Dress up this navy girl and find out you...

Pilar's Adventure - Thunder and Lightning
Choose your animal character and let's play game of Bowling.

Little Sweetheart Dress Up
Help this cute girl pick a nice dress.

Little Missy Make Over
This young lady look all so sweet and grown up when she put on some of t...

Shackle-Man Dark Side
Grapple onto new shapes in this new Shackle-Man grappling game.

Lady La Croix - Brew n Stew
Align 3 or more pieces in rows or columns to make them disappear.

Cat Girl
Jump from rock to rock to keep Iyumi safe! Aim the power meter and hold ...

Sea Side Decoration
Decorate the scenery on the sea shore with lots of beach accessories and...

Anime Girl and Dog Dressup
She's a lovely with a cute little dog. Choose a nice dress for her and h...

Fairy 43
Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.

Fairy 44
Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.

Barbie Flower Girl Dresses
Choose a nice makeup and gown for this beautiful barbie girl.

Leopard Print Fashion
She has lots of fashionable leopard dresses and gowns. Can you pick whic...

Bunny Bounty
Hungry bunnies have invaded your farm! Prevent them from stealing your c...

Pack It Up
How much stuff can you pack into a Ford Expedition EL? Play the game and...

Ryoko Dress Up
Help our beloved space thief get prep out for her mission.

Ayeka Dress Up
Help our space princess get ready for her date with tenchi.

Kraft: Energon
Help the kids keep healthy and active with providing healthy foods

This house is very noisy! You'll hear different noises and you'll have t...

Princess Anime Dress Up
Dress up the character into a pretty princess!

Sweet Candy Dress Up
Dress over the cute Anime doll in the pretty costumes provided.

Lady Anime Dress Up
Dress over the Anime doll to the beautiful music with the beautiful styles.

Anime Girl Dress Up
Dress up this cute Anime character!

Romantic Dress
Pick a lovely dress and make this girl a pretty princess.

Kiss Doll Dress Up
Dress up this cute little girl.

Bubble Popper Deluxe
Shoot the same colored balls at each other before they fill the screen. ...

Jumpy Jumpy
Jump and grab the icons of food and gems as you avoid the creatures that...

Amazons Vs. Athenians
Amazons Vs Athenians or Girl Vs Boy? Whichever it is this is a fun onlin...

Fairy 42
Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.

Eclair Dress Up
Help our space agent get ready to save the world

Chgamploo Mugen Dress Up
Help our funky samurai get prep up for one awesome battle.
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